How old do they live to

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Many children can die from bowel derangements. Many of them can die from the type of disease that is registered in the…MORE? [ Source: ]
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How long you will live is dependent on a variety of factors. If you keep a good diet, regular exercise routine, and avoid engaging in any “risky” activities you will surely live longer than the average person.
The average human life-expectancy varies by country. Many people live into their 80’s, and some live even longer. There are also those who die tragically early deaths. The lifespan of any given individual is not really predictable. Life is …
NOT a dumb question! At age 18, we are all grown-up. We then start a very slow DECLINE, called DECAY. How many years it lasts, depends almost entirely on the blood flowing thru our bodies. The more blood, the more blood vessels, and the bet…

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How old do you have to be to choose where you would like to live?
Q: My little sister (14 yrs old) and my little brother (15 yrs. old) live with their father (my mom gave him full custody ten years ago) The father now does not take care of them and the children would like to leave there and live with our mom. Would they be able to choose where they want to live without going through a huge hassle of giving reasons of wanting to leave their father?I need help NoW this is really important!! Thank you so much!!
A: If you live in the US….Children choose at 18. Until then the judge chooses (in cases where the parents can’t reach an agreement). However, Mom can petition for custody and at their age the judge would *consider* their wishes regarding who is awarded custody. The judge is not required to abide by their wishes, but he/she will consider them (along with many other things) when making their decision. And yes, the judge will ask WHY they want to change custody, and they will want more info that just Dad ‘does not take care of them’ (ie HOW does he not take care of them).
how long can a 4yr old live with internal bleeding?
Q: ok so my baby cousin is in the hospital with lukiemia. she is bleeding internally and out of her backside. the doctors say there is nothing they can do but wait. is there a chance of survival? and if not how long can a 4 year old live with internal bleeding so i can estimate what time to expect the bad news?
A: The only thing you can do is wait like the doctors say to wait. Pray, pray, and pray for your cousin.
23 yr old live in nanny needs advice?
Q: how do you know when its time to go i have been a live in nanny for five yrs come this november to the same family but i feel like i need do something else but the hard part would be leave the boys who are two and 6 i love them so much but leaving them would break my heart but the reason i want to leave is i dont have much freedom do do things on my own time i drive their vheicile that they have leased for my use which i am very grateful but i only get to go home about every other month to indiana im in ohio a drive which take about 4 hrs and when i go home im only there on average 2.5 days at a time meaning i drive there on friday then leave on sunday but the worst part is seeing my parents which are split up having enought time to see them is hard i also have 3 brothers and 2 sisters . i have not dated n 4yrs no time
A: If you are asking yourself if its time to go than it is. Nanny situations can be great but they are not forever jobs. You are getting older now and it sounds like it is time for you to move on. You can still be close to the boys, you dont have to leave forever, you can still visit and have special weekends with them.
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