Is graves disease inherited

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Because Graves’ disease is an inherited condition, examinations of the members of your family may reveal other individuals with thyroid problems. [ Source: ]
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What is the etiology of graves disease?
Graves Disease Risk Factors. The thyroid gland is an important organ of the endocrine system. It is located in the front of the neck just below the voice box. This gland releases the hormones thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3), which …

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Are my big eyes natural or is there something wrong?
Q: I have very big brown eyes, and they look like they are ‘buggy’ a little bit from the side but look normal and cute from the front. My mum has the same eyes as me except they are green but my grandma has normal eyes. I have heard of graves disease which includes big ‘bluging’ eyes and I have some of the symtoms aswell – big eyes, become dry, hurt in some bright lights, go bloodshot easy and water very easily although my overall eye sught is fine?. Are my eyes inherited or could there be something wrong?
A: No no no, your eyes are fine.nothing wrong with having big eyes.
please tell me if you think this is good, or what i can do to improve, i’m always open to suggestions =]?
Q: I can smell the sweet smell of the brine and the foam upon each wave dancing to its own tune out across the sea. The sea such a beautiful and fey place, full of twists and turns, dangers, and beauty beyond any ones wildest dreams. I am from beyond those waves, beyond the brine and foam, beyond the whale’s songs, to past where the mountains stay white yearlong, from the freezing snow that’s rests apon its peaks. The north is so far yet so close; I can only spy its distant peaks when I look out from the cliffs, the cliffs of the south. Oh, how my heart yearns for the north, the snows, the ice, the cold. I feel each and every tendon and nerve strain towards my homeland, my homesickness as real as a physical ache. My spirit is dying, being eaten away by this land, this unfamiliar land. Ten years now I’ve been a slave in the fastness of this land. So hot, so wet, this is not my home and never will be. I cast my gaze over the sugar cane fields. Many others toil on the land with skin as fair as mine, turned burning pink by the hot sun of the south. We do not belong here, why are we so far from our home? Many years ago a man names Jeter, respectfully King Jeter, but he is no king to my people, came with his dark haired, dark skinned wife Kya, determined to settle the south. Kya was a true beauty in the way of her kind, with large hazel colored almond eyes and deep black flowing tresses. She had strong facial structure with high cheek bones and a straight brow, perfectly defining her conspicuous eyes. She was beautiful but cruel, it was her plan to take slaves from the northern tribes to work the land here and create her fortune. Thus the trading of my people began. War ships came from the south with dark haired men with olive skin like such we had never seen before. They ripped mothers from daughters and stabbed fathers protecting their sons. The blood of my people stained the pure white ground. Many died, and many more were taken away, to the south. The conditions on board the slave ships were horrendous and the young and weak soon weakened from disease and famine and shortly after died. My mother and sister among them, my brothers, Able and Justin, lived with me on the island for a few short years before the harsh conditions took their tole on the bodies of the young. Only I, the eldest, survived. I took after my father with his fiery red hair and deep green eyes, but my fair skin and delicate features I inherited from my mother, Kataline. I was the daughter of an important tribe, one of the largest and most respected in the north. I was hailed by the young men as the beautiful one and the wild one, for I was known for my fiery temper. That is my past, the young men are dead, and my tribe is no more than a few old men and women left behind because they were too weak to take the journey. My family is now lying in cold graves, and my life and soul are across the sea, the beautiful green sea. I have no family, I have no tribe, I have no man, and I have no name. I am just Mara, slave of Trutai, slave of my sorrow.ok, jeez i’m sorry it’s long but please dont comment just to tell me its long?
A: Huh? Your writing is good, but needs polishing (by you). First, you must correct your spelling, punctuation,and word usage. Buy a thesaurus (a must) and look up words you’ve used in this writing (such as ‘horrendous’). Look for more appropriate words that fit this writing.I had a hard time getting into your theme.Some parts are strange.You write well. Always strive to be better and then best. Dont stop writing!
Why out of the 9 times someone was resurrected in the bible none of them claimed the were in heaven or hell?
Q: This is the truth about Hell.#1. Hell as you may know it,(fiery place of torment) is not a real place.The Hebrew word for hell is “Sheol” and the Greek word is Hades, our english equivalent is Hell these three words are not referring to a place of fiery torment but of the common grave of all mankind. To justify this statement we must look to the Bible. Eccl. 9:5, 10 reads…”The living are conscious that they will die as for the dead they are conscious of nothing at all….All that your hand finds to do, do with all your might for there is no work nor devising nor knowledge nor wisdom in Sheol (hell) the place to which you are going. (If they are conscious of nothing, they obviously feel no pain.)#2. If God is love how then could Hell (fiery place of torment) Exist?What would you think of a parent who held his child’s hand over a fire to punish a child for wrong doing? God is love. Would he do what no right-minded parent would do?#3. At Romans 6:23 The bible says ” The wages of sin is death” keep that in mind, I’ll come back to it. If I take a piece of paper and tear it to pieces with a little tape or glue I could put the piece of paper back together again. If I set the paper on fire there is no way I could repair it, it would be eternally destroyed. This is the meaning of the Fiery hell in the bible, it is not a place of eternal torment but a place of eternal destruction, it is the grave. When an individual dies they have the hope of a Resurrection. some who have died will be resurrected to a day of judgment, some will not; they will remain in the grave forever eternally cut off from the presence of God, with no hope of eternal life in paradise. So as you can see the wages of your sin is for you to die not to be tormented by being eternally burned alive.Also, did you notice that of the 9 times in the bible when someone was resurrected they never claimed to have been in Heaven or Hell?The meek shall inherit the earth and dwell upon it forever.The earth is the home of humans. When the bible spoke of a new heaven and a new earth it was referring to a new earthly people not a new physical earth. Ecclesiastes 1:4 …” A generation is going, and a generation is coming but the earth is standing forever.” Psalms 37:11…”but the meek ones themselves will possess the earth…” God created the earth for humans to live, why would he take this earth and destroy it? It would be a perfect place for humans to live if there was no war, sickness, famine, disease, crime, wickedness, hatred or death right?That is the plan for Earth… for all humans to live in peace and to live forever on earth, our home. Everything we love and live for, all of the things humans enjoy, are all here on earth. Our families, food, sex (which God created not only for procreation but also for pleasure), and the beauty of the earth which we enjoy every day. How much more beautiful and enjoyable would this earth seem to us if all wickedness was wiped away? Would you even want to go to heaven? Your dead loved ones will even be brought back to life! I would much rather live here on earth under those conditions than any place else.
A: @”keep that in mind, I’ll come back to it. “Thanks teacher; I like your style!
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