Is it bad if I don’t defecate every day

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The National Institute for Diabetes, Kidney, and Digestive Diseases says three times a week is normal and healthy for some people. According to Ayurveda, an ancient Indian healing system, once a day is ideal. Other experts advocate once MORE? [ Source: ]
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Is it bad if I don’t defecate every day’t-defecate-every-day
The National Institute for Diabetes, Kidney, and Digestive Diseases says three times a week is normal and healthy for some people. According to Ayurveda, an ancient Indian healing system, once a day is ideal. Other experts advocate once M…

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Why can my bearded dragon not defecate?
Q: Impaction isn’t likely, but it’s definitely on the table as an option. He’s full-grown and has not shed in a couple months. He’s about a year and a half old now. He’s under the appropriate UVB and a 100 watt heat bulb on sand and eats around 25 crickets (w/ calcium) every two days and is offered a mix of approved greens, carrots, and apples (every three or four days) on a daily basis.He’s housed on sand but I never see him eating it. For the most part, he’s pretty lazy and stays on the hot side of his cage in a rock cage under the basking bulb. Sometimes he sleeps outside it.He very rarely defecates on his own. I usually have to bathe him (I try to do it weekly) and give him a belly rub.What could be wrong with him? I don’t think it’s impaction because I keep an eye out for things that would cause it. Maybe it’s dehydration? I don’t know what signs I’d look for if that was the case. I know I’m pretty bad about keeping water available at all times, and atop that, his water bowl is not big enough for him to soak in. Could that add to the problem or even be a source? It’s also winter here, and though it’s not a huge difference, it’s probably in one of the cooler ends of the house. I have a boa under his tank who has no issues whatsoever, though, so I doubt it’s a temp issue.Any other ideas? If it’s nutritional, I’ll make the proper adjustments if you can give me some recommendations.
A: If he is on sand, then he is eating at least a little bit. Impaction is the first thing that will come to any person’s mind in a case like yours. The best thing for you to do is get him off the sand, like now… and then get him to the vet. That is the best advice that anyone can give you. Nobody can diagnose your animal over the internet.
Can anyone tell me what might be wrong?
Q: Please don’t be out off by the essay! Okay this may be weird but I have a lot of things wrong with me and it’s causing me to worry a little. At least one – if not more – of these things will happen every day…- I get this unbearable pain in my head. Not a headache, but it’s like a whole heavy load is weighing down on my head, literally. It’s like a big rush and I have to close my eyes. – Whenever I get my period, it’s excruciating and I am unable to defecate. Sometimes the pain is so bad I can’t even stand up, I just sit there huffing and puffing as though I’m about to give birth (and people just look at me like what the hell)- When it’s cold outside (autumn, winter), no matter how many layers I’m wearing, I’ll shake uncontrollably. My knees and my whole body will shake and I can’t control it. It’s embarrassing. It’s like the cold affects me more than others- I get headaches but in specific parts of my head. One day it will be at the back and the next it will be on the left, etc. It feels like needles concentrating on a certain part of my brain- I get stomach or lower abdominal pains at least once every 3 days. It’s really uncomfortable- My appetite goes from zero to excessive which affects my eating routine – When I’m trying to sleep at night, I feel restive and so I have to sort of sway while I’m lying there, otherwise I feel a bit queasyI understand it is very unlikely that these symptoms all link but can you identify anything funny about this? Has anyone else ever felt like this? I really hate it since it means I’m in a bad mood most of the time. Oh and I’m 18 if that’s important. Also, I know the doc would probably be the best person to ask but I don’t have one at the moment (long story) but he’s not great anyway and I doubt this can be treated as an emergency. Thank you! I would appreciate any sensible help 🙂
A: They may be signs of a medical condition and for medical advice you will need to get a new doctor sorted.But to make you feel a bit better about some things you have been feeling, i will let you know a few things that might help as i can relate to most of your symptoms : – Sometimes a head rush can cause a sharp pain and a black out of vision. For e.g. this can happen if you’ve been sitting for a while and suddenly stand up. I get these often and i do have to close my eyes, they are very common and not serious. – I too have had severe pain with period cramps. Once i had to ring an ambulance because i thought there was something wrong with me, the pain was so bad! The ambulance wouldn’t come because they assured me it was period cramps and extremely unlikely to be anything else. (I was very glad they didn’t come once they had reassured me). – I also feel like i feel the cold more than others and shake uncontrollably but i always put it down to being very slim with not much body fat to warm me up. – Im a restless sleeper, turning constantly and over thinking so i cant get to sleep. – I get stomach pains often too.I just wanted you to know that these symptoms could all be explained away and arnt neccessrily something to worry about.A lot of things are probably linked to hormones, unless you take drugs which i assume you dont.Just make sure you are looking after yourself, eating a balanced diet and getting regular exercise.Good luck hope you feel better soon! x
Re-house training a Beagle?
Q: We acquired an adult (2-3 years old) male Beagle. The previous owner told us that he was house trained, and it seemed that way for the first two days that we had him at home. He had no accidents in the house, and would promptly go to the bathroom when taken outside. However, after the first couple of days, that all changed. He suddenly began peeing and pooping in the floor, both while we were here and while we were away. It has resulted in a lot of frustration on our part, as we really didn’t want to have to train a dog.So far, we have been keeping him confined to the living area, which is where we are mostly, making him stay close to us and not allowing him to roam. When we are away, or while we are here and unable to closely monitor him, we crate him. We haven’t allowed him to “free feed” by just leaving food and water out, we have set up certain times for him to eat and drink, walking him about ten minutes after he eats, and then walking him every 1-2 hours throughout the day. When he goes outside, we make a HUGE deal out of it, petting him, belly rubs, and treats. So far, we have had a lot of success with him going outside to pee. He also “marks” since he is unneutered, but he is set to be fixed tomorrow morning at the vet, so we are hoping that problem will soon be resolved. About two weeks prior to receiving him, the previous owner took him to the vet, where he got a clean bill of health (I have all of the records to confirm this.), so I know if isn’t a health issue making him go to the bathroom in the house. So now the problem is, we still struggle to get him to poop outside. Every day, he poops in his crate, usually 10-15 minutes AFTER being walked (and we walk him for no less than 5-10 minutes, telling him constantly “Go to the bathroom. Go poop.” and not allowing him to get distracted. Still….no luck. He doesn’t defecate at any “set” time (sometimes it’s morning, afternoon, or evening..ALWAYS after being walked. So it’s not like he poops during the night. It is always after he is walked.) We just don’t know what to do, of how to get him to go outside. When we catch him doing it, we always point to the mess and say, “Bad dog!!! NO!” and he seems to understand that we are mad about him making a mess, but it isn’t making a difference.So my question is, any tips on how to get him to start pooping outside? If we can only get him to do it a few times, we can lavish him with praise and I know then he would really understand. The problem is, he doesn’t seem to want to go. We have walked him all over the front and back yard, and my husband has even taken him up the street a ways. Still…nothing! Any advice? I know that beagles can be REALLY stubborn, so it’s making it a little hard for us, but any tips would be greatly appreciated.
A: You have quite a problem in your hands.I agree with Bozema and Becky. You should try to understand it is possible that he was “trained” to poop in his kennel.Beagles are smart dogs and need a LOT of exercise. 5-10 minutes is just a stroll around the back yard. Nothing… Challenge him. He will appreciate it. My beagle poops in the same place (the back yard and the place I designated). They need to sense their territory. Something like “I poop here”These dogs are trackers and very territorial. You can walk him outside and wait till he poops. Then instead of using words, reward him with a treat. You should try to walk him at the same time. This will create a habit.Good luck
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