Is stuttering a disease

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Stuttering is a disorder not a disease. It can be brought on by a disease but it’s not a disease. [ Source: ]
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Is there a cure for stuttering?
There is no cure for stuttering and different things help different stutterers. Some find speech therapy to be a big help. Others won’t practice the techniques they are taught and want a “quick fix” like a medication or mechanical…
How to Cure Stuttering
Living with a stutter can be very difficult. If you have a stuttering problem, then you know exactly how it feels. You don’t have any confidence when you speak and you are ashamed to speak out loud. You don’t want people to think that you a…
What is the treatment for stuttering?
The goal of treatment is to focus on relearning how to speak, or to unlearn incorrect ways of speaking. Although there is no cure for stuttering, early intervention may keep stuttering from becoming a life-long problem. Speech and language …

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Stuttering Problem Pls Help?
Q: hello their. When i was a little boy i never stutterd When i turnd 4 i started having problem in walking and standing up. Later on i became weeker and weeker and started to have stuttering problems… im disabled now in a wheelchair. the doctors said i have some disease but they dont know the name.. Do You Think the Stuttering is related to the Disease? because i spoke normal when i was 2-3 and thats when i walked.
A: Yes it sounds like the stuttering could be related. It could also be caused by the stress that you were put under from the walking and standing difficulties. Hmm…Are they still trying to figure out what disease you might have? It must be difficult to not be able to tell people what your disease is. I’m sorry for that.
Why does Kristen Stewart do that stuttering thing?
Q: Whenever she acts, she repeats things we are already aware of at least 12 times. Does she have a disease, or does she just suck at acting in or around hospital beds?
A: well shes not the most talented, and she thinks that by doing that it gives off an effect of good acting….it doesnt lmao
is this with my disease or is it me thats doing it?
Q: hey im wheelchair bound i have a disease what u call Ataxia i know ataxia is a symptom not a disease but mine is unknown cause of cerebellar ataxia i Stutter sometimes is it because of the condition? does Cerebellar Ataxia make you stutter? like by any chance does it affect ur speech? i herd it can cause dysarthria? is that true? what does dysarthria sound like ? any ideas?
A: Try contacting the Stuttering Foundation, but I never heard of that being the cause of stuttering.
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