What causes blindness is dogs

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Causes of blindness in canines include severe corneal disease, injury to the eye, infection in the eye & high blood pressure, amongst other things. Old age is not a reason that dogs lose their eyesight. ChaCha again soon! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-causes-blindness-is-dogs ]
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What Causes Blindness In Dogs?
Blindness or loss of vision in dogs can be sudden or gradual. It can also be in one or both eyes. Causes of blindness in dogs are corneal diseases, cataracts, inflammation of retina, glaucoma, retinal detachment, uveitis, optic neuritis, an…
What are some causes of sudden dog blindness?
Take this dog to your vet to examine his eyes. Lense luxation can cause this, normally seen in an older dog. Lense luxation will cause a cloudy appearance of the eyes. Poisoning can do this as well. Head injury can do this, brain tumors can…
Can Dog Poo Cause Blindness?
I think this is what you are referring to – It is where roundworms from a dog’s poo invade a human host (not their ideal or normal host) causing serious bodily mischief, including ocular larva migrans (OLM), where the worms migrate to the p…

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What are some causes of sudden dog blindness?
Q: My dog isn’t that old, he is only 4. He is an American Pitbull Terrier. Lately he seems to be having trouble seeing. He can’t see toys when someone is holding them right in front of his face (about 4 feet or so). He didn’t recognize me coming in the door the other day. Instead of catching his ball, he has been ducking his head and avoiding it. Could I be imagining things, or is this serious? I thought I was paranoid, but my brother recognized it without me saying anything about it. I can’t afford a whole lot, but if it’s serious I’ll do whatever I have to. Please give me suggestions.
A: Take this dog to your vet to examine his eyes. Lense luxation can cause this, normally seen in an older dog. Lense luxation will cause a cloudy appearance of the eyes. Poisoning can do this as well. Head injury can do this, brain tumors can do this.
What would cause blindness in my young dog?
Q: I recently discovered that my 2 yr old chihuahua is blind or partially blind, she does’nt blink when you wave your hand in front of her eyes she only blinks when you touch her eye lashes. She started bumping into stuff and would not jump up into the car. What would cause this in such a young dog?he has had all her shots and gets plenty of good quality food to eat HELP! I love her to death, she is mu FUR CHILD! No I have not taken her to the vet yet, she’s not in any pain that I can tell.Yes I’m gonna take her to the vet just wanted to get some ideas what might cause it, Geez don’t make it sound like I’m witholding care.
A: well if you havent taken her to the vet then how do you know shes blind. Not blinking and bumping into things isnt always the sign of blindess. It can signal the dog is GOING blind or there is a nuerlogical issue in her brain. She very well COULD be blind but unless your an optomitrist eye doctor i suggest getting her diagnosed for what it is that is causing it. Cause if caught early alot of problems can be treated with medication and surgery. With all that said, Chihuahuas are prone to PRA (progressive retinal atrophy) common in badly bred dogs. The retina detaches from the back of the eye, essentially not letting any light reflect and no image is sent through the optic nerve. This is irreversible and progressive. It leads to total blindness and is genetically passed from parents to offspring.There is no pain with this. Also momma could have had poor diet, and nutrition, before-during-and after pregnancy and while nursing. Omega 3 deficencies, and Vitamin deficencies in female dogs during pregnancy cause alot of problems in puppies that are born later. Doesnt matter if puppy eats well later in life, he didnt get all the great parts while he was a puppy in momma.
What causes canine blindness?
Q: I have 2 dogs that are suddenly developing cataracts (foggy eyes) and blood/urine tests are normal. Any ideas? Any relation of canine cataracts to insecticide?
A: See all the info you need on canine cataracts at:http://www.newfdogclub.org/Health/HealthLongevityComm/hl_docs/hhl_2_cataract.htm
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