What causes clubbed thumb

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A clubbed thumb can be caused by a number of diseases mostly of the heart and lungs. Idiopathic clubbing can also occur. This is also known as Hippocratic fingers. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-causes-clubbed-thumb ]
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What causes clubbed thumbs?
It’s genetically inherited, recessively I believe. Meaning that although no one shows clubbed thumbs physically they have a recessive gene which you acquired both of to produce the physical effect of the clubbed thumb.

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What causes clubbed thumbs?
Q: Both of my thumbs are clubbed. Does anybody know why? I read that it was hereditary, but nobody I know of in my family has clubbed thumbs. I also read it was a sign of a descendant of royalty, as European royalty often inbred to keep the bloodline pure. Clubbed thumbs were a genetic dysfunction of this. I’m not ashamed of them at all… in fact, me and my friends have become fond of calling them “thoes”, because they look an awful lot like toes. Thanks for answering!
A: It’s genetically inherited, recessively I believe. Meaning that although no one shows clubbed thumbs physically they have a recessive gene which you acquired both of to produce the physical effect of the clubbed thumb.
Why do I only have one clubbed thumb?
Q: My brother and I both have what is called a clubbed thumb, only he has 2 and I only have 1. This runs in my family as my aunt has 2 clubbed thumbs. A clubbed thumb is simply a shorter thumb with a wide, short nail bed.I’d like to know what causes this to occur in one’s genetics and how its possible that I only have 1 clubbed thumb. My other thumb is long and slender, matching my fingers.I just want some input and I’d also like to hear about anyone else who has this kind of thumb.
A: My daughter has one clubbed thumb, it looks like a big toe. She does her nails, that one too, puts those little diamond things on it, jokes about it, loves it because it’s part of who she is.
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