What country started the panama canal

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The French were first to try to build the Panama Canal, but tropical disease and engineering problems halted construction. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-country-started-the-panama-canal ]
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What country started to build the Panama Canal but failed??
what country started building a canal in panama but failled
Which Country started with the building of the Panama Canal??
France started building the Panama Canal and the US took over after the Frensh failure
Which country started the construction of the Panama Canal??
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If you were going to sail around the world…?
Q: Could you use this route effectively? Why or why not?Starting in Boston, to Miami, to the Bahamas, to Cancun, through the Panama Canal, up the coast to California, to Hawaii, to Fiji, to Sydney, to Bangkok, to Goa, to Zanzibar, to Cape Town, up the eastern African coast and into the Mediterrainien Sea, to parts of Spain, France, Italy, and Israel, and back out and to the UK and Amsterdam, and then all the way across the Atlantic, eventually ariving in Rio De Janeiro, and traveling north through the Caribbean, and back up along the US East coast, and ending up back in Boston.And each place that you “stop”, what would you need to be able to stay in each different city/country for a few weeks/months at a time without getting into trouble with the law or locals? Where could you dock your boat legally? What would you need as far as visas and passports, etc? What would be some essential items to have at all times? This is all hypothetical, but I am just curious to hear the answers.
A: you would have to make a ton of phone calls to find out how to get through customs and such.
why is it so cool to hate America?
Q: Everyone in my neighborhood is so anti-American. I don’t get it.I mean sure, we did push all of those native Americans to desolate wasteland reservations in the pursuit of land. And we did slaughter them too. And we did start a conflict with Mexico just to get some extra land for ourselves.and yeah we did sponsor a coup in Colombia just so we could build the Panama canal. and so what, we helped destroy the Hawaiian monarchy just so we could grow some pineapples. i would’ve done the same thing.And we did deny naturalization to Chinese and Japanese peoples in the 1800s. Right after we forced their countries to sign unequal treaties… and after we forced them to build a railroad and live in internment camps.But apart from that, there really is no reason to hate our country, is there? big deal we killed millions of people, whatever! i’m proud of our country even with its alleged “spotted” past.other countries have done way worse things than us. like the UK, they got in a war with China just so they could sell drugs. that to me is worse than any genocide or sabotage or ethnic hatred.what do you think?Mr. Diogenes in the Wilderness: I don’t see why you’re bringing these subjects into the discussion. Not once did I ever mention how evil white people are. Nor did I suggest that the U.S. is the only country to oppress people. I did not say that hating America was cool, because I would never think like that- I guess I should have put quotation marks around “cool.” And where are you getting at with kicking everyone out of the country?!And this “diatribe” that you speak of is indeed fact. Clearly you have been napping in history class!Thanks anyway for your rubbish answer!
A: Don’t forget enslaved Africans, segregated and lynched their descendants and then funneled crack into inner cities during the Reagan era.
Will “The Amazing Race” make a visit to Central America, perhaps Costa Rica?
Q: I’ve looked @ the itineraries of all the past seasons on “The Amazing Race” on their website. Central America remains virgin territory (although “Survivor” has paid more then one visits there.} I dunno if the political situations in countries like Honduras, Nicaragua, & El Salvador r still as bad as they were in the ’80s, but if so, is that reason y no season of the show’s been there? What about Costa Rica? When I visit a bookstore & look @ the travelogues, most of them in the Central America section r of that country. & there’s also Belize, which was the only non-Spanish possession of C.A., & Panama, where the canal used 2 b American property until ’99. I’m hoping that the new season that begins next week will @ least start or finish there. & @ least I was pleased from last season that I got 2 c the race travel in a generally west direction, actually starting in Asia rather than almost ending there.
A: The political situation in Nicaragua is not something to rule it out. The war has been over for over two decades. Also, Nicaragua is statistically the safest country in Central America (google it for fact). Nicaragua has the best atmosphere for the show but since everyone thinks costa rica is “better”, has more “biodiversity” and is more “gringo friendly” that is why all the other countries don’t get mentioned much. El Salvador has the highest homicide and murder rate int he region and Guatemala has the highest crime rate. Honduras is quite unsafe as well with the most gang members in the region, or so facts state. As for Belize, the majority of people speak Spanish rather than English (a creole-type English) and crime, the country itself does not have over 1 million inhabitants so i assume it is quite safe.Nicaragua actually has the largest rainforest north of the Amazon in Brazil, the two largest lakes in Central America (Lake Nicaragua being the 2ns largest in Latin America) and a load of biodiversity. In my opinion, Costa Rica doesn’t come close.
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