What disease does Oprah Winfrey have

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Oprah Winfrey has thyroid disease,I blew out my Thyroid due to stress,Says the Daytime Diva. Thank you and ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-disease-does-oprah-winfrey-have ]
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What does Oprah Winfrey’s Disease mean?
When a chick, who is usually fat, gets skinny, then fat than skinny again. But she always ends up fat for a while, suffering from not being able to stay skinny. Named for Oprah’s constant wait loss and eventaul regain.
Could Oprah Winfrey Really Be Cured of Thyroid Disease??
As far back as 2001, I was perplexed that Oprah never raised thyroid disease during her shows about depression, weight gain, menopause, infertility, and sex drive. So along with readers, … Read More

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what do you guys think of this?
Q: By: Jacob KetchakeuThe Dr.PhilWe are living in critical times hard to deal with for individual in today’s world are lovers of money, disobedient, unthankful, disloyal, without self-control, betrayers, headstrong, puffed up with pride, these are only the few of mankind’s problem. But, out of all critical times heroes are born. A hero is a person noted for special achievement in a particular field or in helping others in times of hardships. For these and only these reasons is there still a heroes devoted to make a difference for the better in people’s life. Phil McGraw has influenced or cured the lives of many Americans from everything from stereotypes to dysfunctional families. Do you look in the mirror and often which you were someone else? Are you depressed you lost? Do you need help quitting from addictions? It does not matter what your difficulty is, you are bound to find and episode of his Grammy award winning show Dr.Phil that will fit answers you were looking for.Dr.Phil was not always a doctor, as weird as it may seem he used to be a 6-foot-4 inch, 174-pound high school linebacker in Kansas City, KS. He had won a football scholarship to the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, but his dream of making it to the NFL ended in his sophomore year, after he injured his head and neck on the field. With few options on the table left he chose like father like son and studied psychology at the University of North Texas. As he started to practice psychology with his father, he realized that one on one therapy was not his forte, maybe because he had been accused of been inappropriate with one of his patients for giving the patient a job at the his office. The patient acknowledges the fact that there was a sexual relationship but did not give any details. I feel this not true and such a shame that the media would exaggerate such things, because if that was Dr.Phil would had done something similar with one of is guest on the show today. Dr.Phil was obliged to a take a class on how to handle patients to continue his practices. Dr.Phil did not attend that class but looked for non-traditional ways to practices his skills.One of his hybrid psychology businesses was the Courtroom Science, Inc. which helped high end lawyers seal their arguments using psychology. He started to enjoy this new way of working and was successful, so much so that Oprah Winfrey hired him to defend her when a bunch of red necks cattlemen sued millions in damages, claiming Winfrey swore off hamburgers during an April 1996 show on mad cow disease, costing them a large chunk of their livelihoods.Naturally, Oprah was so proud and amazed by his ways that she made him a regular on her show, “Tuesday with Dr.Phil”. Oprah was well quoted for saying “tell it how it is Phil!” Been on the show Dr.Phil realized talking to crowds of people was what he wanted to do all along so as not to be reduced to one person only. On the show every Tuesday Dr.Phil was most know for his Texans accident on for his “get real” quote.
A: ..and exactly what is your point…???If you think that Dr Phil is a martyre of his vocation then you truly are mistaken as he is not the only sojourner of the world and certainly should not be elevated to sainthood…Without the media and television exposure he would simply be another doctor in a high priced office, right…?No man is without sin whether it be physical or mental and this man is not exempt. Unfortunately, the media tends to extort negativities of situations to spark controversy in order to attract interest which in turn sells more newspapers, mags and ratings…It’s wonderful that he has overcome certain errors of his past and that he became capable to serve and help others as he does but you also must realize his exposure thru all the media is also a dramatization in many aspects…that’s show business…!There are many other people in the world serving as well and even more than Dr Phil but choose not to make it a broadscape career in show business… Our prayers should go out to them as well…!Hmmmm……I know this is boring so why not pose a synopsis or question of Jerry Springer sometime…? You would be sure to have many more responders…WINK !
michael jackson vitiligo?
Q: I getting tired of people keep saying at michael jackson wanted to be white. it is not True michael had vitiligo it a disease at patches of skin. but people keep saying micheal hate being black and that he bleached his skin. it like people want michael to seem like he don’t appreciate hes race.micheal jackson did so much for black people in african and other stuff. at what will make him seem like he don’t like or appreciate hes race. micheal did a interview with Oprah Winfrey in February 1993 and he said at he was proud to be a black American .
A: Some people choose to stay ignorant to the facts and be brainwashed by the media. There’s photo evidence that he had vitiligo and still people aren’t convinced. Michael never wanted to be white. He’s done so much for blacks.
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