What does it mean if a cat scratched you and the scratch got bigger

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Cat scratch disease, a bacterial infection that causes swelling of the lymph nodes, usually is due to the scratch, lick, or bite of a cat – more than 90% of people who contract it had contact with cats or kittens. Get checked out by your doctor. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-if-a-cat-scratched-you-and-the-scratch-got-bigger ]
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What does it mean if a cat scratched you and the scratch got bigg…?
Cat scratch disease, a bacterial infection that causes swelling of the lymph nodes, usually is due to the scratch, lick, or bite of a cat – more than 90% of people who contract it had contact with cats or kittens. Get checked out by your do…

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Crazy dream about Cats attacking me, what do you think?
Q: it all felt so realalistic, It started like a normal dream I was with my boyfriend in some house unkown talking and next thing I know my old best friend comes in with a gun acting all crazy talking about I stole her man and things in that nature she kept aiming it at me I cant remeber if I got shot or not but somehow i got out and was walking up this long dark hill lost and scared and she was after me until I got to this big house yet again unkown to me and I was in the bed I got up it was dark I had to go somewhere but I dont remember where I just know I had to get away I went to this back door and from a window I saw tons of cats jumping around so I opened the door and it was if they were hungry straving for something but they were very crazy almost demonic in a way they were hissing and jumping attacking me and it was one big cat who sat in the middle of the long stairway: they were very dirty nasty looking cats and all of a sudden the big cat attacked me and I actually felt it she left 3 big scratches on my hand then it got dark outside and a car suddenly appeared i dont remember the name but I was screaming for them to help me, “please help me get over these cats I cant do it!” and i heard the voice tell me just try I can do it. Whoever it was told me to jump over them I was so scared they were jumping all over me scrathing I closed my eyes and I jumped and they stoped attacking me I made it and then I woke up. I will never forget how evil the cats were and how they were attacking me. Does anyone have a clue what this dream could possibly mean Help!!!!
A: According to Freud, dream language is primitive and infantile. The dream work is unable to create language, so it relies on pictures. Words commonly used as euphemisms or crude slang are often picturesque and are therefore useful to the dreamwork to present abstract ideas in concrete form. They are also useful to disguise unsavory things into something benign.Another Freudian principle of dream interpretation is this: All dreams are disguised fulfillment of repressed wishes.I hate to tell you this; but your dream is typical of people with energetically repressed bisexual impulses. Your best friend has a gun pointed at you. There is an old USMC song that goes,”This is my rifleThis is my gunThis is for fightingThis is for fun” It’s safe to assume the first part of your dream means you wish your best friend is directing her sex organ at you. What’s more, “cat” is universal slang for female genitals. In French it’s called “la chat.” In English it’s called “kitty” or (you know what).Therefore, it’s safe to assume that the last part of the dream is overdetermining the first part. Being attacked by “guns” and “cats” is a disguised but *repressed* wish to have sexual activity with both boys and girls. In fact, this dream is really, really overdetermined. The number *three* is also a primitive symbol of male sex organs. However, to the dream work it doesn’t matter whether the sex organs are male or female, because primitive and infantile theories hold that *only* penises are sex organs. Two-year-old girls typically believe female penises are stunted or cut off. Therefore, it makes sense that cats attacking you are detached sex organs. It’s also reassuring you that it’s OK to be attacked by *cats* because those are not attached to a girl–but the fact that they are detached (cut off) emphasizes the fact that they are indeed female sex organs. The fact that the main, or *central,* cat is sitting on stairs is another example of overdetermination. Stairs too represent sexuality. People who dream of walking up and down stairs are actually dreaming of having sex–something rythmic and exhausting.
VERY annoying cat? help please?
Q: every night (and I mean its 7:30am on my only day off work this week and I am up) because my girlfriend and I have a big fat cat named Trogdor that LOVES to scratch on doors. If the bedroom door is closed he will NOT stop scratching on the door until you open it… and then when he’s in the room he either meows very loudly to wake us up or he goes over to the closet doors and scratches on them endlessly to wake us up and the moment we sit up to go and catch him he runs away out of the room or under our bed. i get like 3 hours of sleep a night cuz this cat is so annoying. What can I do? I just wanna kill the damn thing
A: generally to get rid of a behavior in animals you ignore it. that means no yelling, pushing, reward, or even looking at them. my cat meowed for dinner constantly, then we ignored it and after about 3 days she quit.
My 6 yr old male cat has never left the house, he’s purely an indoor cat, doesn’t spray. Why neuter him?
Q: I feel that everyone’s post out there is to prevent cats from reproducing. My cat doesn’t even like the outdoors much (we have to put him out in the garden and he likes to run back indoors), and has always been indoors. I’ve stopped giving him flea drops etc. I think vets don’t understand me properly (maybe to them it’s a business and they try to sell things, I mean I’m not going to take malleria tablets unless I travel, right?). Is there anyone out there who agrees? I want my cat to have a natural unaltered life because I believe it’s not my decision to change something of his or deprive him in any way. In the wild, I know big cats or wild cats etc don’t require this type of attention, it’s the decision humans have imposed to control the number of cats. But as someone’s already said, cats don’t need to be put down, they can be re-homed. And I also see the points raised by others about how cat shelters cannot cope with growing numbers. I feed terrible to hear things about cats being put down.He’s receiving his regular vaccinations, money’s not an issue, his behaviour around the house has always been playful, he shows aggression against one his toys but that’s the instinct of a cat. I’ve never seen him attack me or my family, he’s loved by all of us so much, and I can’t see how I should follow the general opinion of all cat lovers to neuter the little man… I do however hope that you can give me something to base my decision on.I want some guidance, even from those who are PRO-Neuter supporters, that if I let him continue to grow old, he doesn’t spray, he’s figured out that the whole home (he does scratch around) is his entire territory, then what risks do I have to bear, that there is a chance of the following two diseases that could naturally get any of us or any living thing naturally:1) Prostate cancer2) Testicular cancerI hope I’ve given a clear enough picture of my concern, and before I decide, I just want people’s recommendations. It’s not easy for me to decide because I’m an animal lover, against any cruelty towards animals and would be grateful to read each and everyone’s thoughts before deciding on a way forward.You see I might already sound ANTI-Neutering, but unless someone can really justify the need for this procedure, I think I can say he’ll get on fine? Please please please correct me if i’m wrong in any way. Many thanks in advance.Neilz
A: personally it is up to you. If your cat is an indoor car and he never goes outside then there is no problem.
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