What does self morbid mean

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Self n. pl. 1. The total, essential, or particular being of a person; the individual. Morbid adj 1. (Psychology) having an unusual interest in death or unpleasant events 2. gruesome 3. (Medicine / Pathology) relating to or characterized by disease. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-self-morbid-mean ]
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Does this mean that the self is terminated by death??
Yes. Remember that the self is a negate —a non – being from the moment of creation, and its value – awareness is the source of its finitely intellectualized beingness . Conversely, Essence is uncreate d ; its absolute Oneness transcends …
Why does hindu women follow the practice of “Sati”, mea…?
the same reason why some women are forced to wear black and never interact with another man – platonic or not platonic – forever after their husband dies: tradition (aka things that people are told to do forever)

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Does any one else have morbid fantasies about having terminal illnesses or the like?
Q: You know what I mean, nothings really wrong in your life but you start to think about what would happen if you were told you had cancer and how you’d cope and people would cry and you’d cry.Or you find out your whole family have been killed…It’s probably a need for self pity or some kind of cathartic release. It feels like a release at the time but then it leaves me feeling like a jerk.
A: I’ve thought these thoughts afew times. Like in the past, in my darkest moments, I’ve wished for an illness that would kill me and I’d wonder how many people would come to my funeral, what would people say, who’d be upset, who wouldn’t etc.I’ve often thought about it and how it would be poetic justice for me to get ill now I’m better. I feel especially guilty for even thinking it, let alone wishing it as my family recently lost a close family member who fought a disease with such bravery that it made me ashamed. I don’t know why I thought it other than at the time, I in a very dark place and I did want to die but didn’t have the balls to do it myself. I think thinking about it, dying, helped me through the darkness. Like you say a release if you like, a distraction of sorts.If there is nothing wrong in your life, I wouldn’t worry about them. They are after all, only thoughts but if there is a bigger issue, like there was with me, I’d strongly recommend going to talk to maybe your GP/Psychatrist about that.
Are you self-destuctive?
Q: Basically self-destructive means that you habitually do something that is harmful to your body and can eventually lead to death. Some examples would be: over-eating to the point of morbid obesity, smoking, anorexia, drug abuse, alcoholism, cutting, huffing, etc.So, I’ll ask you again: Are you self-destructive? What habit do you have? Do you plan to stop or get help?My habit is smoking. I want to stop but haven’t been able to. I hope I can find a way to quit before it kills me.
A: Who isn’t to some degree. Most people do it through the food they eat nowadays and becoming obese. But, as Frank Sinatra once said, “You die your way, I’ll die mine”. Lovely thought, huh?
Am I straight up morbid?
Q: Okay, first off, I AM ALWAYS HAPPY, POSITIVE AND COMPLETELY NOT DEPRESSED. My views on the world are quite negative, but I am content with them completely and I really do try to make the best of it.But here’s my question. Okay, I enjoy torture. And not just self injury (I used to be a cutter, but I don’t anymore), I enjoy like, getting beaten, etc. Here’s why: because I love how strong I feel after I recover from it. I love the push and the adrenaline I get from it. The thing is though, I am so passive. I am a black belt, but I am SO offended by violence and hurting people that I quit karate, because of it. I only joined because my parents think I’m too friendly to be able to hurt anyone and they hoped to make me stronger, should I need to defend myself. But the thing is, I am always so nice to everyone and I have no enemies. But I would love just to get my a*s kicked and try my best to fight back but not hurt the person, it seems so exhilirating. The only reason I wouldn’t is because I couldn’t take the emotional pain of doing so. But I do hope I get the flu, because I love feeling better after. What my take on this is that I just enjoy overcoming bad situations and getting better and how it feels to survive them, because emotionally, I am a very sensitive person, physically, I have a disorder where I do not feel pain. But it’s just so cool to feel kinda empowered in a way. And I don’t mean like falling down a flight of stairs kinda pain, I mean knowing I am going to feel something painful, and facing it head on. For me, it’s like facing a fear. I used to be afraid to vomit, but then I overcame that. So really, I just enjoy the feeling I get when I know something is gunna hurt, and when I finish it out.Am I morbid for thinking this way?Thank you all ;]How am I a posy wanker? Because I have emotions and strange desires? I think you are very stereotypical and obnoxious.
A: haahaha “I AM ALWAYS HAPPY, POSITIVE AND COMPLETELY NOT DEPRESSED.”you seem like my bipolar opposite! ^_^don’t worry, I am sure nothing is wrong with you..once you start being convinced that Kyo is in your closet……then something’s wrong…because he is in mine, and I keep telling people that but they wont believe me…and are like “Kyo is famous! yadayada!” but….so I figure he’s just a delusion, but seems so real…….
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