What happens if you consume poop

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You’ll most likely get sick from eating poop. Many diseases, including food poisoning & cholera are spread by fecal contamination. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-if-you-consume-poop ]
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How many calories do you need to consume to be able to poop if yo…?
How many calories you consume doesn’t make any difference. There are a number of things that could be causing you to be constipated such as not drinking enough water (you need 2-3 litres a day), not enough fibre in your diet (eating fruit, …
When you poop, do you consume calories from the food, before it c…?
Great question. When you consume food your chewing action and the addition of saliva aid the food to break down, after it has been swallowed it goes into to stomach where the food is broken down even more and gastric juices are added to f…
What kinds of diseases can you get from consuming Poop?
There are several diseases you can get from consuming feces. Infectious diseases of a more serious nature include Meningitis, Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS.

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Omg my neighbors child ate poop!?
Q: Ok so neighbor called and by the sound of her voice I was able to tell that something was wrong. So she told me that her 2 yr old daughter was in her crib and she took off her diaper and it had poop in it. My neighbor started looking around the crib to see what the child did with the poop. She told her daughter “WHAT DID YOU DO” her little girl said cake! She was calling the poop cake! She took one sniff at her mouth and it had the smell of poop. She put her child in the shower and brushed her teeth and she rubbed listerine in the mouth with a wash cloth. I don’t know what to tell her cause she asked me if it was bad that her kid ate poop. I know that its bad but how bad is it?My question is what happens if a child taste or consumes its own poop? (THIS IS A SERIOUS QUESTION NO JOKES PLZ)She already called her DR. because she wanted to take the kid to the ER. But the doctor told her to wait to see if she gets a fever. What could happen to her?
A: The worst that will happen is that she’ll get an upset tummy and may vomit, she may also get a fever from the amount of bacteria she’s ingested. I agree if she gets a fever to have her looked at, just because she may need some extra fluids, of help to bring the fever down. Its her own poop, so there’s nothing else to worry about (i.e. bacteria unknown to her or parasites). Many a toddler has done this before. When my brother was 2, he found some dog poop in the park and ate it. He was fine.
How can I calm down the menstrual cramps?
Q: Every time I get my period I get these absolutely unbearable cramps, and I know they’re supposed to hurt and I need to learn to get over it, but I feel like I suffer more pain than any of my other friends.I have had my period since i was 10 1/2 years old. Whenever I get my period, I get cramps and then it hurts so bad I can’t even get up, when I lay down, it hurts, when I sit, it hurts, if I stand up or try to walk or run, it hurts. When I go to the bathroom, it hurts!Then I get nausea and I feel a lot of pressure and some pain in my vagina, I’m not sure if that is normal, but it bothers so much it hurts to stand and walk. This always happens the first day, the next days I get terrible cramps but not as terrible as first day. When I’m on period, I get the urge of doing “number 2” a lot (if you don’t know what that is, I meant poop).. is that normal?I just can’t bear the pain anymore, does anyone know a natural way to get rid of all the cramping? At least just a little bit? P.S. I know, I’m not supposed to eat anything with a lot of sugar, or drink stuff with a lot of caffeine, or eat red meat, and drink a lot of water. I don’t consume any of these things, but I drink a lot of water, so why do I get such bad cramps?Than you for your answers!
A: Sure, you can go to your doc for prescribed (or even buy OTC) drugs for this – some of them might even help.For most of my life, I *really* always wondered why so many women even bother taking drugs for this stuff… except that I’ve *finally* learned this one important fact:VERY few of girls or women have any idea what a female body really is or what it needs, and almost *none* know how it actually works or how to manage any of its workings. Our entire culture is managed heavily toward *forbidding* this knowledge to females until they’re married – by which time it’s already decades too late for them.Avoiding caffeine and getting extra potassium (bananas, ginger, chocolate and a few other ordinary. natural things) helps as much as midol or pamprin does for *most* women. I’m serious here. Yes, these things really *do* help a lot of women, but they don’t help most, and even among those helped, many of them aren’t helped very much at all…… in short, these formulations are hardly a justifable expense for those women who aren’t helped by taking them, and in fact, that’s more than 80% of the women who take them…… but…*THE* simplest and cheapest way to help with cramps (it’s also by *far* the quickest, the most convenient and the most natural way) is having an orgasm by masturbating. It doesn’t work for *all* women, but it does help most (in fact, it helps more women than any medication or other remedy anywhere)… and for many, it can get rid of cramps entirely in less than 5 minutes and keep them away for several hours.It makes no profits for anyone’s company or its stocks, and it involves something to do with “sex and masturbation” taboos, which is why you won’t ever read about it in the newspapers (although Cosmo and mags like that do bring it up now and again): but the truth is that orgasm is absolutely *the* single most effective relief ever known for uncomplicated menstrual cramping.http://www.epigee.org/menstruation/sex.html”… an orgasm can cause your uterus to contract, enabling it to use up excess prostaglandins in the process. Prostagladins are hormones produced by your uterine lining. They help to stimulate contractions that move menstrual blood out of the uterus, and are also responsible for those cramps that occur throughout your period.”http://www.kadir-buxton.com/page8.htm”Primary Menstrual Cramps can be a debilitating problem for some 10% of women. Conventional treatment can even be as drastic as exploratory surgery whilst looking for a cure. A less intrusive solution is available. Orgasm from masturbation has been found to relieve the painful symptoms of menstrual cramps. Whilst it is not always convenient to masturbate for the necessary five minutes until the pain subsides, hands free masturbation is still possible. In order to do this one simply has to clench and then relax the vagina repeatedly for five minutes. With this method no one need know of the discomfort being suffered, and the pain soon goes. “http://organizedwisdom.com/Masturbation_and_Menstrual_Cramps”The flexing and contracting of an orgasm basically relieves the cramp. Reduces the intensity of the cramps. Also eases some of the other symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.”
Severe Diaper rash….looks like acid burn!?
Q: What would be your assumption???…… The baby has chronic diaper rash issues…most of the time it is normal rash and goes away no problem…of course I don’t let her sit in her own waste during the 50 hours a week I am with her (that is another issue all together). But we have come to a bigger problem with her rashes…one that I can come up with a few things to look into. Sometimes…not all the time, maybe once a week or once every other week, we are getting what I refer to as “acid burn butt”. The baby will poop and within five minutes and LESS her skin will be so irritated the skin comes off in places and even to the point of bleeding. I am a mother of one son and another on the way….with my own son and the many children I have cared for over the years, I have NEVER seen poop do this…not even if it was left for a while nor have I ever seen rash this bad. The fact that this is pretty much instant has just blown my mind, it is so fast that she starts screaming instantly. It is not every poop…like I said it is once a week to every other week we have this. 5 days I have her and 5 days I change at least one poop diaper per day of hers so I know for a fact it is not every poop, to me that takes the possibility of an allergy to her own poop out of the loop…. I am no doc. Though. I do think that it could very easily be something she is eating, in fact that was my first thought. The mother says there is nothing new she is feeding her, but I also suggested looking at combinations of foods she is giving her or even as far as any medicines. For example It could be that she is fine eating peas and rice or carrots and rice but she can’t do peas and carrots. I really think it is something that she is not given often.Anything is possible with her because her father is allergic to just about everything and she is showing signs that she is sensitive to more things then most children. I personally think that the first and best place to start is with anything she is consuming since that is the things that changes the most….even with just combinations of food. I even think that it could still be something alone because it happens at least once a week-every other week….something that is not regularly given to her. I have no idea what goes on at home as far as WHAT she is eating so I can not even guess there. My question is would you assume the same about the food? Does anyone know what else it could be? I know there are other diaper related skin infections, I just don’t know what they all are or what they look like. Again I have not dealt with this sort of thing in ALL the time I have cared for children including my own….just normal diaper rash, so I am at a loss as to what else it could be or what else could cause it.She did just get over a skin yeast infection (or supposedly, mom said she called the pedi and they just told her to put this cream on her butt…they didn’t even see her….) however this is an issue that goes back for at least a couple of months now with the “acid burn butt”, I see no immediate reason to assume any relation between them.Thanks in advance for the help….I know she is not my child, but I am hoping to give the mom some possibilities as to what this could be.Thanks…I did think about the diapers….but she has had the same for months…no changes there, same with the wipes. Normal care for rash helps it heal….but I was more interested in prevention via finding possible causes????
A: It could be turning into a fungal infection or like you said, an allergic reaction. I’d reccomend having the baby taken to the doctor when the rash gets bad like that so a doctor can properly diagnose it.
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