What heart problems start with the letter I

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I have only been able to find 2 heart diseases beginning with the letter “i”: idiopathic cardiomyopathy & ischemic cardiomyopathy. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-heart-problems-start-with-the-letter-i ]
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What heart problems start with the letter I
I have only been able to find 2 heart diseases beginning with the letter “i”: idiopathic cardiomyopathy & ischemic cardiomyopathy.

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Can doctor take me off of work for increased heart rate during pregnancy / work stress?
Q: I am 26 weeks pregnant.My job is very stressful with very tight deadlines and my heart races when i try to reach them.I know that i am only one given such deadlines in my work plces asI had a conflict with my immediate higher level when i first joined the place.It was discriminating but I thought it will become ok.I ahve reached all the deadlines so far.But I find that deadlines are getting very unreasonable as and when his/her mood changes .Discussions with the supervisor to stop setting unresonable deadlines did not succeed.Only i am givensuch deadlines .Especially at 26 weeks , its is very difficult to constatnly work under such stressful situation.Every night when i go to bed, i feel very anxious and panic strikes when I have missed someting at work or when I don’t reach the deadline.I find that my heart rate increases rapidly and have shortness of breath.It has become worse , that I have started hating to go the job.I have another 3 more months to go befor ethe due date.I told my obgyn and he referred to a cardiologist.Who did an EKG and said that my heart rate is indeed abnormal due to secondary stress.He wrote a letter to be relaxed on the deadlines and to work form home.But I know the problem is the supervisor whom I am reporting to.She is so cold hearted that she said she needed a medical certificte just to even relax the deadlines.I simply cannot trust her and my gut feelign says that just wants to give me a hard time during my pregnancy.I feel depressed and i know the root cause of the stress and heartbeat.i never had any heart problems before..just working a few months under her has given me a health problem.I dont want to take risk with baby inthe tummy.Could I ask my OBGYN to take me off of work 4-8 weeks before my due date coz if I continue to report under such stressful conditions i will surely end up in the hosipital and do harm to the baby.I have already planning to request for work from home.But even if I work from home , my sup would give me still tighter deadlines.She has trust issues too.It will make my life miserabe.I jsut want to get oof of work and relax and undo all the damge that I have doen to the baby so far.I desperatley think I need this time off inorde rfor me to return to normal.Would my obgyn be able to take me off of work 4-8 weeks before due date adn then still give me the normal 6-8 weeks afer delivery based on whether it is vaginal or c-section.I am plannign to try VBAC this time , but it looks like wiith these heart problems continue I may so become the wrong candidate for a VBAC.I need to step out of thissituation without losing my hard earned benefits.What coud I do?I know that california provided 12- 16 weeks of job protected maternity leave and then another 12 weeks for baby bonding time.I am nto worroed about money portion.ALl i want is my baby to be born healthy with no permanent damage.I will die of guilt ifsometing goes wrong with the baby just because of one person(supervisor) messing with my life.The only time that baby is afe from any external damages is when it is in the womb,but I am already having the feeling that I have been passsing all the stress created by my supervisor to the baby.Now with worsening heart palpitations, i am thinkng that enough is enought.I jsut might even quit if nothing works out.BUt i have worked so hard during my pregnancy and before, that it would be really unwise to leve the job at this time when It is the right time for me to use my benefits.FEeling helpless….Any thougths onhow I can handle.
A: If you are stressed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSFr01uAPtg be thankfull you are not this guy
What is the name of this heart condition?
Q: I am a 20 year old female in relatively normal health, normal weight, normal amount of exercise, etc. The other day, I was sitting in the living room, and my heart suddenly began to race–and I mean RACE! It didn’t hurt, but I felt extremely faint and, quite frankly, pretty freaked out. I honestly thought (although didn’t believe) that I could have been having a heart attack! Naturally, I saw a doctor the next day, after several more of these episodes. Doctor says it’s a completely benign condition called…….. something. All I remember is that it was an extremely long word, and may start with the letter “P” (?).Doctor said this condition is often associated with thyroid problems, frequently in young women who experience abnormal chest pain (check), panic attacks (check), and who have a heart murmur (check). Again, the name of it is very long, and he said the description of the disease has to do with electrical impulses being sent into the heart, but then instead of going through, coming back out. He said when this occurs, it will cause the heart rate to suddenly double (give or take) from a resting 70 all the way to 140. He also said that taking a very deep breath and holding it in helps to increase the pressure in the chamber, sort of squeeze the heart a bit, and reset the heart’s rhythm. I’ve tried calling him to ask, but it’s impossible to get through on the phones a that office. Can anyone name this condition? I’ve searched online but can’t find anything! Thanks!
A: The only ‘p’ word I can think of is palpitations. Based on what your doctor told you and your symptoms, sounds like you are having a supraventricular tachycardia-also known as SVT. There’s a ton of info on the internet about SVT. It is not a condition that you have to live with if it makes your miserable or interferes with your life–you can see a specialist called an electrophysiologist–a cardiologist that specializes in the electrical system of the heart.
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