What is a childrens doctor

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A children’s doctor works with the development, care, and diseases of children. ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-childrens-doctor ]
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When should I take my child to the doctor?
If you suspect your child has the seasonal or H1N1 flu, call your child’s doctor. Treatment is most effective if started within 48 hours. Severe cases of the flu may be helped by antiviral medications. Pay close attention to children younge…
When Should I Call My Child’s Doctor?
When your child has a splitting headache, it’s easy to worry. Rest assured, though, that only very rarely are headaches a symptom of something serious. However, you should see your child’s doctor if your child has unexplained or recurring h…
What does a childrens doctor do?
A childrens doctor is like a normal doctor when your sick you go there also if u need a check up they check special private place it see if it’s infected or even if you break a leg arm, any body part. Also if you want they can talk about pu…

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What do you need to be a childrens doctor?
Q: What skills do you need to be a childrens doctor? Do you need math skills? Do you need to go the collage? Any details would be nice! 🙂
A: This link tell all about the requirements you will need to be a pediatrician (children’s doctor) Good Luckhttp://www.yourpediatrician.com/BecomingAPed.htm
I want to be a childrens doctor when i grow up :). I am 13 years old so where do I start ?
Q: what classes in high school do I take and what do I do?
A: You mean a Pediatrician.I would definitely try and take (and excel at) as many science (biology, anatomy, chemistry) as I could. If they offer human development (early childhood development, psychology, sociology, any relationship building) classes then I would snap those up too. But please, please, get A’s. I can’t stress that enough. I thought high school was just a stepping stone in my path to life, but I could have done better and my life would have a lot easier now. I didn’t make A’s in the classes I needed in high school, and this time around everything is so much more complex. Life is fun when you have friends and do stupid stuff, but you’ll pay for it later when you don’t want to be paying for it.
Should parents (ex) split co-pay costs for the childrens doctor visits?
Q: My husband who has a son from a previous relationship will be enrolling his son in counseling with a psychologist because he is having some issues with his mom making him feel horrible about liking our family. My questions is should they split the cost he pays for 10 sessions she pays for 10 sessions, which is what any reasonable person would say , right?? He has 50/ 50 custody, pays for the insurance fees every month and also pays child support. What should we do if she refuses? No rude answers please
A: Yes, any reasonable person would split the cost 50/50. But is sounds to me as if you already think she (the ex) may not be so reasonable. If she refuses, just pay the full amount so that the child gets the help he needs. That’s what I would do, anyway. It may not be fair, but I think the best interest of the child trumps fairness in this case.
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