What is another name for bad breath

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Fetor Oris refers to odors of the mouth. Halitosis is a more severe case of bad breath, constituting its own disease. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-another-name-for-bad-breath ]
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What is Another name for bad breath?

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Why so much bad breath?
Q: I meet more and more people with really bad breath. They are seemingly healthy-looking people. It was really gross one day in church when some breath hit me that nearly knocked me over. It was nothing I recognized but if I were to guess what flem smells like that would have been it. Similar breath near me on a plane and I changed my seat. A friend of mine sitting next to me…her mouth was closed but the air coming out of her nose was so gross. It smelled glue-like. I had a boyfriend recently whose breath smelled stale or, if I had to put a name to it, sort of smelled like smoked oysters. I like oysters but I don’t want to breath them in! I dated another guy whose breath smelled like a cross between poop and vomit. What’s going on here? Like I said these are people who SEEM to have good hygiene. Are there rotton teeth in there? And how do I tell a close friend that their breath smells repulsive? How do I tell if mine smells without asking someone? Thanks for your help!
A: There are tons of reasons for having bad breath, some of which can’t be helped by people. They could have health problems, stomach problems, throat issues, tooth issues, etc. Or maybe they ate something stinky for lunch or forgot to brush and floss this morning. At any rate, if the person is someone close to you (a friend or more), tactfully tell them, in private, that you wanted to let them know their breath could use some freshening. They might tell you they brush, floss, gargle, etc, then suggest they see their dentist or doctor about it to check for health issues. Let them know you are concerned for their health and well-being. They may be embarrassed at first, but a smart person will be thankful you alerted them to their problem.As for your own breath, try breathing into a cloth, like your shirt sleeve, then smell it. I’ve heard also that you can lick your hand and let it dry then smell that.
How do I go about asking a doctor for a solution to persistent body odor? How exactly do I ask him about it?
Q: I’ve had a problem with persistent body odor for 7 years now & I have severe anxiety because of it. You name it, I’ve tried it all to try & get rid of the b.o. but nothing’s worked. I had to have my gallbladder removed about 3 years ago & during my checkup for the gallbladder removal surgery, I went ahead and mentioned the body odor issue to the doctor (he was a gastroenterologist / surgeon specializing in g.b. removal). When I told him about, my exact words were, “I’ve noticed an odor”. He asked, “What kind of odor?” To which I embarassingly answered back, “I’ve noticed bad breath”. Then he answered, “The odor should go away on it’s own.” Well it’s been 3 years since that doctor visit and the gallbladder removal surgery and the odor it still there. It’s not just bad breath though, basically, it’s an odor all over. I am currently using liquid chlorophyll since I feel the odor is coming from inside. I will be making an apptmt with another Dr. How exactly should I ask him about it?Sorry ran outta room:What I mean is, what exactly should I say to the doctor so that he will take me seriously on the odor issue and so that he will order the correct tests needed to make sure that there is not some medical condition that is causing me to have the persistent odor. Also I will be asking him for anti-anxiety medicine.
A: Sweetie…doctors are not amused or put off by anything you ask them. Nothing and I mean NOTHING is new to them. All you do is ask them just as you asked on here. That’s all you do. Tell the doctor that you always feel like there is an odor from somewhere. It might be your diet. He/she will probably order some tests. Don’t be ashamed. It is NOTHING to be ashamed about. They are here to help us. Good luck!
Baby name causing family feud, Give in or go on?
Q: Ten years ago, by uncle (now in his 40’s)and his wife (same age as me 30’s), thought that they were having a little girl according to the ultrasound and had decided to use my great grandmother’s name for the baby. I was really disappointed because ever since I was a teenager, I knew I wanted to name my baby after my great grandmother, but I never said anything because I didn’t own the name and she was pregnant and oh well….. well they had a boy, so the name was never used. That boy is their only child. They have had a very rocky marriage and have seperated several times and never had any more children. I am now pregnant with my second child and the ultrasound is saying my baby is a girl. My husband and I both love my great grandmother’s name and would love to use it for our little girl. I didn’t think it would bother them considering it’s been almost a decade since they were last pregnant. They have been back together for a year and a half now, and occassionally my uncle says that they would like to maybe have another baby, but in the same breath he says that he is too old, and he also said on his anniversary two months ago that he doesn’t know how much longer he can take marriage. On the day that we found out that we are having a girl, my “aunt” texted me if we thought of names, and I listed our top four, one being my great grandmothers name. She replied “nice.” So, I thought it was all clear. Well, I guess they heard through one of us that we have decided to go with my great grandmother’s name and they are refusing to talk to me and my family. They did not invite us to their son’s birthday party who I am very close with. I have tried to call them and text them COUNTLESS times to try to start a conversation and explain how I have always loved the name etc. And no, my aunt is NOT pregnant. They are not talking to my mom or brother and his family now either. I think they are crazy and mean for not even trying to talk it out. The only way I found out why they are angry was because he told my mom. We still want to use the name, but now I feel bad that my little girl will have a name that caused such controversy. What should I do?
A: Go ahead and use the name!Even if they DO have another baby, it could be a boy… Do they really expect everyone to stand back and wait, maybe months or years, until they declare they won’t be using the name? It’s not like they have a reserve on it. The name hasn’t been booked and paid for. I think they’re being very petty about this. It also seems ironic that on one hand they want to honour family, by using a family name, and on the other hand they’re so quick to dismiss and ignore family (you) because of something like this. They’ll get over it, and in a year’s time you will not associate your daughter’s name with controversy, because the name will have come to represent her and not anyone else. I think you should just focus on your baby, and your future… and best of luck!
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