What is the coolest name for a disease ever

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Devil facial tumor disease (DFTD)is, unfortunately, devastating the Tasmanian devil population. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-coolest-name-for-a-disease-ever ]
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What is the coolest name for a disease ever
Devil facial tumor disease (DFTD)is, unfortunately, devastating the Tasmanian devil population.
What is the coolest disease name you have ever heard??
You might want to consider “Neurofibromatosis” or the Elephant Man’s disease. There is a society in Houston dedicated to the condition and its social ramifications. Enjoy!

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A: nose plugread everyone’s mind all the timeunremovable metal pin in your jaw that constantly picks up a new…margarinebumblebeesgiraffe neckhour lessprisionflyflies1/8 of an acer of grass with my teethblood sucked out–dont know what smothered means so cant answer–top person in your professionwear greencoma1 gallon of ketchupgreatest friends eversuper powersreally good looking and cool boyfriend1000 cricketsthird leg25 hotdogsmeet the queen of Egyptthe nerdy freak5 vicious German Shepardscar that’s going 90lick a toiletget everything i want for a yearscrambled eggs rawdont forget the lyricsDISNEY CORPORATION3 friends that are greatdogmacarinaZac Efronwild concertFall Out Boyathletic persontoy factoryname that nobody can say—yes i have a life, im supose to be writing a speech and it sounds like it if im typing this much—
What do you think of this story?
Q: This is not meant to offend anyone or bring up any kind of arguments. It is simply for fun, not to offend. This all takes place in 2050, after a huge stock market crash in 2012 that America never really recovered from. The city is none other then New York, New York. Please leave your advice and feedback. Prolouge It’s disgusting to see what my world has come to. Murder. Rape. Robbery. Anything that can make us feel cool or smooth. I’m one of the last seemingly sane people in this world, which seems to be headed straight to hell. It’s impossible to find a single human who gives a care about anything but money. I just wanna puke sometimes watching all of this. Yeah. Hopefully you get it. The stock market has crashed AGAIN! Sounds like the people from the 20’s had it lucky compared to what we got now. My name is Hunter Black. I’m 13 years old and in 7th grade. I have light brown hair and eyes that some say are as green as fresh cut grass in the summer. I hardly have any sanity left, or hardly any hope for my world. I’m about 5′ 6″ and have serious anger issues, but I’m learning how to save that anger on anyone who stands in my way. I must way around 125, with a good build and muscular body. I hate my world and just about everyone in it. I always find myself asking the same question- can we make it to the 22nd century? Of course not. I’ll be lucky to hit the age of 30 if you ask me, or let’s put it this way- I’ll be lucky to hit 30 with any sort of money or power in my world. Sometimes you just gotta love whatever you have. What do I have, you may ask? Well… let’s see. Dad gone to disease, Mom working full time, and stupid older brother who has nothing but hate for me. So there’s the last thing which is friends. Four of them that really have any loyalty. Chapter 1 Can’t Get Any Worse I walked to school, a knife on my upper leg in case some idiot tried jumping or mugging me, which has happened three times this year. Which, heck, for me that’s just another punk to let anger out on. Besides, it’s just self-defense which is no trouble with the cops for me. But trust me, the cops ain’t too fond of me, and I only deal with them when I have to. These are some dangerous streets… you can just never tell what will happen. As soon as I got to school I saw that hardly anyone was there. I always arrived early, since that was the least shady time to try to get to school, or for that matter, wherever you were headed. I was quick to hide my knife in my backpack, which I hoped no one saw. Middle school sucks. The people of 2012 thought it was bad? They had no freaking clue. These days just about anything is a passing grade ’cause our education system is so terrible. Plus there’s all the drama with girls, and the fights (which I honestly don’t mind). The next person I saw walk through the door would be my best friend since birth- Ace Cooper. Ace was a real pain sometimes if you asked most people, but if you ask me, he’s the funniest piece of crap I’ve ever seen. The girls tend to think so too obviously, which is the biggest plus of hanging out with him. No, I will tell you now, we’re not that popular. Especially since you can hardly trust anyone. Ace is about 5′ 5″ and near 110 in weight. He doesn’t have much muscle to show off, but he manages. He’s got hair as brown as a tree’s bark and eyes that are, according to many of the girls, bluer then the ocean. He usually gets along with most people as long as they don’t go too far. I walked over and punched him in the arm. “What was that?” he asked. “What do you think it was, moron?” I asked back with a grin on my face. He simply rolled his eyes and dropped his backpack to hide the knife he also carried. Just proof that we have some good reasons to carry one. We talked for a while longer about average guy stuff- cars, girls, you get it. That is until his girlfriend, Mia Field walked in. Mia and I had a friendly rivalry. We’d often crack jokes at each other and have strange nicknames for each other. She was about 5′ 5″ and she was pretty skinny. But trust me- you did NOT want her to slap you. It has never been pretty for the guys who have been slapped by her, because they had her hand marked on their face for at least a day. She has short, red hair and eyes that I would normally swear were also red, but were really brown. I just said she had red eyes to mess with her. Ace ran over and hugged her. I tried tripping him on the way, but it really didn’t work. Knowing they’d have a stupid conversation, I just put in my earphones and played them extremely loud until my girlfriend Dawn Cross came through the door. I quickly turned my music off. Dawn was… stunning. That’s the best I can put it. She had short, brown hair and incredible hazel eyes, like eyes I had never seen before. She was about 5′ 5″ and probably weighed 90. She came off skinny, which she was. She neThat’s all it lets me post, sorry.
A: I like it:) It kept me wanting to read more and I actually felt bad when it was done because i wanted to know more. i do recommend, though, that you condense the descriptions. It sounds kind of like an interview with all the physical descriptions, but there is a way to subtly hint in the story how someone looks or acts by comparing them to other characters as the story progresses:) I hope this was helpful.
I’ve stolen a lot of cash, what should I do?
Q: I’m 19. Before I go on, nothing about me going to college, even if I took your advice (and I wouldn’t) College won’t start again till august, and I need advice for the now. So I still live with my folks because I can’t get a job, I’ve applied and applied but in this rural area you gotta have connections and I didn’t have many friends in high school and I don’t have the connections needed. I have a car, and I smoke. My parents keep all this change under their bed. I’ve been sneaking and getting it for months now. Just enough for cigs, but if were out of pop I’ll get some for that every now and then. I can’t quit, tried that before. haha. I wouldnt even want to if I had the cash to buy em myself anyways. Thing is its started to add up how much I took from there. I get really really depressed being stuck here at home for so long (no I won’t join the army, I don’t plan on dying.) Anyhow I got REALLY depressed one day, and just Needed, literally needed to hang out with someone. All my friends have moved away, and my pal suggested I spend new years with him. So I called my mom on her cell, let her know I was staying with my cousin for a few days, and instead got 20$ in straight quarters and drove two hours to chill with my friend. I had some cash on a gift card at the time, and the walmart up there had a gas station (which is cool) so I ate food from walmart and filled up at walmart and came home on new years.either way. That was a bit of cash. and of Course this has been going on awhile, and I smoke a pack a day. Cheap cigs though, just about 2.30 a pack. Anyhow theres hardly any quarters left, and I knew after getting that $20 out that I’d hit the point where if They ever check that thing they’ll know somes missing. They wrote down how much was in it somewhere. I dont know where. I had when I started taking from it, planned on having a job in a week or so, and I had planned on filling it back. The only thing is, I’ve come to realize just short of a mirical, I may not be able to get a job (I’ve tried everywhere in town, any further out, you dont make enough to afford the gas to get there, so people that have gotten jobs in those places wind up quitting, so they wont hire anyone from my town anyways. That’s what a manager at a hotel the next town over told me anyhow.) So I’m at a loss. I dont think it matters wether I keep buying cigs with it now or not. I almost never get out any for gas. I just dont go anywheres, I hate getting money from there. My stepdad knows I dont have cash, and questions me everytime I go to the store, about how I paid for my smokes. I don’t know what to do. Were having a lot of financial trouble and their gonna check the thing soon I suppose, as a last resort to pay off bills. They always do when they start getting low on cash (maybe if they didnt have to buy every sister brother niece nephew and cousin something for xmas they’d have a bit more) I dont know what to do. I’m in a bad enough shape mentally as it is. ( I know I have manic depression, and OCD, but they don’t believe Depression is a disease, and I have no insurance and they can’t afford doctor bills so I’m stuck with it on my own, dangerous as that is.) But yeah, I’d hate for them to take my car (they wont put it in my name until I can pay the insurance my self, which I cant do because I cant get a job, stupid economy) So I’m at a loss. Anything I should to be prepared for when they find out I’ve been taking money from there? Were talking probably more than a hundred bucks. But damn, I’m dying in this house. Ah any advise?Well Mary Jane, a smoker steals from his folks in all quarters. It is embarrassing paying in them, but if you smoked you’d understand too. Also, I’m quite unstable, so stay off my case before I get your I.P address and go egg your house, assuming I can get enough quarters for a couple dozen eggs that is.Ah, I love how I always get the same things about getting a job, that I gotta go an apply apply apply, as if I don’t already do that. I was planning to go Thursday but I was sick. You think theres odd jobs this time of year? Its freezing out, theres nothing people need doing. Even when it warms up I’ve tried the mowing grass route, no one around here wants a stranger mowing their grass, hell last summer I did mow a few yards, got $5 and was told not to come back (I’m god awful at mowing, and I’ve mowed my own yard since I was 10. ) I do Appriciate the answers though. But you that said I wasnt after a job as long as I knew where money was, your wrong. Back when I had money, I spent it all driving to different places looking for work. its pathetic. All my cash goes into job hunting.
A: u answered a question of mine so i thought i would help you out too.first, try searching the couch cusions, there has to b some change in there and every cent counts lol, just start seaching for random pennies ro dimes or anything and wen u find it put it in the jar thing. if they ask you about it, just say that you have no idea. they may no that u did it and then blame u. just b ready for yelling.i would normally tell someone to stop smoking, but im not stupid and i know how hard it is, im 14 and dont smoke and dont plan to but lots of ppl ik do, and it can b really hard to quit. plus it sounds like you need somthing to keep u sane and as insane as i sound saying this smoking is probably just your way, mayb if you can, try cutting down to mayb 1 pack for 2 days, it will b hard and im not saying just do it in one day, work up to that.2nd, its not nice to egg houses lol jk as for the money, u should try to find somewhere else to get the money (no i dont mean go out and rob some little kids lunch money) mayb ask a cousin or someone for a lown, tho the economy sucks so it may not happen. i say look around wen u go into parking lots (iv found $5 and $20’s before on my way into stores) if u happen to find any dollars bill go cash it in for quarters or w.e and put half of the money back into your parents stash and half u keep to buy what you need. as for your depression, im going to say the same thing YOU said in my question 😛 try to find something that will keep your mind busy. try watching a movie, i get depressed to so i totally get what you are coming from and my parents refuse to believe that i have depression or stress so i get what you mean. but somtimes when i get super upset i will just grab a random movie and put it in try a comedy.also u can read a book it will keep your mind off of a lot. idk if you are big on reading (im not) but my friend got me this book called the Sea of Trolls, it was about $20 but the price has prob gone down since i got it like 2 years ago. it is like 400 pages and the beginning isnt the best, but the middle and end are like totally amazing, iv already read it twice bc it just takes me into a whole new world.and not to sound all nerdy (your words quote on quote) but playing games can help by learning a new skill, hand eye cordination. o and on my question you said that a kid got into your car bc he has some weird lock picing obsession, i sugest tell his fam. that he damaged your car or somthing and make a big deal and then they may have to pay fines, cha-ching $$just saying im not like a thug or anything (some of my answers up above make me sound kinda bad) but yea.hope i helped somewhat
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