What is the disease when you have to constantly liquids

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It can be caused by many things such as gestational diabetes or a pititary gland problem. It is better to seek a medical professional being that it could be a serious problem. ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-disease-when-you-have-to-constantly-liquids ]
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What is the disease when you have to constantly liquids
It can be caused by many things such as gestational diabetes or a pititary gland problem. It is better to seek a medical professional being that it could be a serious problem. ChaCha again!

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13 year old cat with kidney disease is becoming aggressive…any ideas?
Q: I have a 13 year old cat that I took in 9 years ago, she was going to be taken to the pound so I had to take her. She was never a cuddly cat with me, but she is with my husband. She used to attack me all the time, pretty badly. I had to go on anti-biotics 4 times because of the severity of the bites. But she calmed down alot. She has developed glaucoma & kidney disease and now she’s started biting me again. When we got her she was about 11 pounds, after about 1 year she was up to 14 pounds. The vet said this was a good weight for her, she’s kind of a big cat. Since she started getting sick, she’s down to 8.5 pounds. She is constantly meowing for food, so we’re thinking obviously she’s hungry right? Well, we feed her and she just sits at her dish still meowing. She won’t touch her dry food, she’ll lick the liquid off canned food and now I started giving her tuna ~~ which she used to love! But, she won’t even eat that! The vet says put the food down for her, and if she’s hungry enough, she’ll eat. I’m to the point where I think she would be better off if we put her to sleep. She’s clearly uncomfortable, losing weight and now becoming aggressive again? It is breaking my heart watching what I view as my cat dying right in front of me, but the vet says “we aren’t there yet, but if it’s what you want to do, then we’ll do it”. Which just makes me feel like I’m making the decision prematurely. I am torn and am looking for any ideas on how to make her more comfortable, or if it seems like it’s time.Any help would be appreciated!We recently moved, our old vet was great and very thorough. She has had bloodwork, her teeth were checked, she is up to date on all of her shots but she is not a mild mannered sweet animal. She literally attacks me, she will wait as I come around a corner and bite and scratch me. I’ve pulled many claws that were lodged in my skin. This is not an issue of her not being loved or well cared for. I do not want to be thought of as a bad pet owner. Any time I get a pet, I take a rescue animal… always! I take very good care of them, even this kitty who is not so nice! And, I absolutely believe in quality of life over quantity. I’m willing to do certain things to help her, but not at the cost of making her more miserable; such as the daily injections.
A: Re: Sunshine Kidney disease or failure is not treatable – you can prolong the inevitable but in the end the kidney’s do fail. Also if the cat is aggressive it is highly unlikely you will be able to do SQ fluids (fluids under the skin). The aggression may because she is painful somewhere. She may be losing weight due to hyperthyriodism, or if she acts hungry but wont eat, maybe her teeth hurt. I always think quality of life is far better than quanity…although both would be great!. I’d find another vet and do what YOU think is right for her. You know her best
Can someone please help! My sister is seriously ill! here are her symptoms! the doctors do not know what is?
Q: is wrong? PLEASE READ, I REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR HELP!Georgia’s symptoms over the past 12 months, this info is all correct as from 17th Feb 2009:About a year ago: Georgia was diagnosed with Acute Anemia during which time she had many blood transfusions, a course of chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. BIG HIT but she seemed to be well on her way to recovery after her treatments.5 months ago: She got a pretty bad skin condition where it was as though she constantly had extreme sunburn. She became rundown, had very little energy and her skin just peeled off in sheets. That lasted for about a month.4 months ago:She seemed pretty good for about a month after that. Was able to go to the shops and ever went to a couple of pub gigs.About 2 months ago: Georgia started to notice that one of the fingers on her right hand had gone numb. She didn’t think too much of it, but then over the course of about a week began to notic her right arm was getting weak. There was no pain as such, just felt numb and she couldn’t put her hand in a fist properly. Over the couse of another few weeks, she lost all strength in that arm completely. Her whole body was becoming noticebly weaker and she began to sleep more to the point where she would just lie around the house, not having enough energy to even get dressed.About a month ago: Georgia got to the point where her weakness got so bad that she couldn’t even stand. She was completely off all food and so her family took her to St Vincents Hospital. She was given medication and although the weakness in her body didn’t improve, she began to get her appetite back and look better…Then a couple of days later: Her breathing became very rapid and she was running an extremely high fever. She began to get tremors, but only slight twitches every 15 mins or so. Then as the days went on her entire body was tremoring constantly which worsened to the point it becamse violent (thrashing etc.) when she slept. She had previosly had 2 seizures just after the transplant (one time bumping her head and being unconscious for a very short time) and then had another one a few days before the tremors got really bad.A few days later The doctors decided that her body needed a rest, so they sedated her for about 5 days.Last week: Doctors slowly brought her out of the sedation. The tremors appear to have stopped and her heartbeat seems steady again, however she is now hallucinating and has become paranoid about her safety. She is having extremely violent dreams about people being tortured. They have had to tie her to the bed as she somehow finds the strength the pull out the tubes attached to her and she keeps screaming out for someone to call the police.This morning (Feb 17th): The doctors sedated her again. They have found some liquid and swelling around her brain, but have never seen all of these symptoms in one person before hence, they have no idea how to treat her.*The doctors don’t think that this has anything to do with the Acute Anemia she was first diagnosed with. They think she may have caught some sort of virus or infection and as her immune system is so low, her body is unable to fight the disease.[b]THIS IS WHERE YOU ALL COME IN!!! Give this kid a chance, she’s 19 and needs to get back out to gigs and be a 19 year old!!!! PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
A: It sounds as though your sister has Graft-Vs-Host disease after her transplant. (Was it Aplastic Anemia, perhaps?) Chronic GVH and the drugs that treat it cause severe immunosuppression. Infection is one of the biggest complications. And people do get infected with very strange things when their immune system is so damaged. It sounds like her doctors are looking at everything trying to find the answer. Make sure that an infectious disease specialist and a neurologist are both involved. An MRI can sometimes show subtle changes in the central nervous system that a CT scan will not show. Has she had one?I hope they are able to solve this. I wish her the best.MM
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