What is the rarest sickness in the world

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Twins Catherine and Kirstie Fields were born with a previously undiagnosed neuromuscular disease now known as Fields condition. They are the only 2 to suffer from this condition. The disease affects the nerves that cause voluntary muscle movements. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-rarest-sickness-in-the-world ]
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What is the rarest sickness?
Well, The rarest disease is a skull disorder, which prevents bones from growing. It effects only one person, a toddler called Lewis Barnett. It is so rare it has no name. Also, Kuru disease has been said to be the rearest disease. It is cau…

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is this a good story idea?!? Honesty please!!?
Q: My story takes place in London the year is 3300 . The world is the same but their is a rare sickness that is passed on from mother to daughter. The vioce of the world Alanna’s daughter was unlucky enough to be diagnosied when she was 7. Her mother not wanting her daughter to be diffrent, in this world being different is the greatest crime. Found the pistol and shot. Elena the eldest duaghter walked in and saw her mother killing her own duaghter. Elena not knowing what to do took the pistol her mother used to kill her sister and shot at her, because when 1 daughter has the sickness the other does as well. Elena was only 13. Now 5 years later she is still struggling to not get caught and with her sickness.the sickness makes people think forthemselves. In the story everyone is the same, so their is peace. The sickness affects your judgment. That is why the mother kills her daughter and Elena kills her mother. If you have the sickness they will test you and slowly and very painfully you will die.its not a virus its a sickness that is very rare and not injected into you
A: OMG!! i would SOOO read that. it sounds so good. it sounds like a really good story. it would als be good if you add another person to it. you know like (is elena the eldest daughter that is alive?) elena met someone else (a guy) who was sick and they together over cam e the sickness and stopped being sick and fell in love and learned to think for themselves.
Trying to conceive, after having to have pregnacy terminated 2mths ago for medical reasons
Q: Hi there, heres a bit of a story, but I would love some thoughts…..A few mths ago was delighted to find our that myself and my partner were expecting a bub and due beginning of Dec 08. I was hesitant at first to tell my partner as he had been set up 4 years ago by a women (with slight mental issue that he was unaware of and who is on the sickness benefit as a result, as she is alcohol and medically drug dependant) and lied to about protection her being on the pill and assurances etc and later he faced the phone call many men I guess dread ‘you are going to be a dad’. She was so disturbed she dreamt that she and him were a couple and will one day be together…etc etc – as you can see I am straight to the point and do not have a lot of time for women who set guys up and actually take away from them something that should be very special – to his credit he has done (as I ) everything to help this little baby – we were wanting to bring her up and let her still have access to the mother etc…but subsequently after the mothers inability to look after her and dumping the baby on my partners parents when she wanted to either drink or get with other men, it all became to hard, stress wise and financially to obtain custody. Unlike the mother who had legal aid and the time to drag this on and to my partners parents who became close to the baby and began to dictate to us our access it became a 3 way battle. Lets say this women has destroyed his family and also brought a child in to this world that will not have a normal upbringing – which is what we were offering her – and he no longer has a relationship with his parents who are looking after the child and are treated as babysitters by the mother – they are blinded – anyhow as you can see that winds me up and Im getting off the track here – but it’s a bit of background to see what stress we have been under the past 3 ½ years – if I had only met him earlier this would never have happened, poor guy! so was thrilled to think we would have a baby of our own…The day after I had it confirmed I had to go into hospital after I got involved in trying to help my dog from being attacked I ended up with some nasty injuries and subsequently had to have 3 epidurals rather than GA as so not to harm the baby and a week in hospital – I was 12 weeks at that stage, so it was all traumatic and after having a miscarriage August last year thought all was fine that I had made it that far. 3 weeks later I had a scan – I went on my own as Im a pretty independent person – little did I know the news Id be faced with…Just on 4mths it was found that everything had developed nicely and I could see ‘his’ feet and hands etc, but his brain had not developed – subsequently 2 days later after a lot of crying etc had the pregnancy medically terminated. We did the ‘deed’ several times over the correct time and had fun and just relaxed…just seems unfair when we were wanting to have this baby that we have been through what we have been and yet ‘God’ lets women keep pregnancies (as above) that are otherwise soul destroying to families – he does work in mysterious unfair ways at times!!.As a result of the termination it was found I have very rare blood and now have a prescribed 5mg of folic a day (recommended does is 0.8mg) which is a great thing to now know….Since then I have had a normal period and am now late for my second period by 2 days, had no headache (as I usually do when my period is going to happen) – though I have brown spotting and a bit of a tummy ache there is no blood. I did a First Response pregnancy test this morning and it was negative – so whats up with my body – is it just getting rid of the old crape inside…?? Or could I be pregnant? I want to be but know if I talk my way into thinking that I will get disappointed…..
A: Wow! I’m so sorrt about all the apin and trauma you and your family have been through. It is truly a shame that women like that can concieve over and over again when they have nothing to offer a child. However, women like us, that want a child so bad and would be great mothers have such a hard time with getting pregnant or staying pregnant. All I can say on that situation, is that I will pray for you and your family. And I hope everything works out well for you.To answer your question, its possible that you could actually be pregnant. Lots of women have some light bleeding and spotting in the beginning. However, don’t stress and get your hopes up because it could be your period approaching a little late.I hope you’re pregnant. You sound like you want a baby really badly and you’ll probably be a wonderful mother. Good luck and I hope you get all the desires of your heart.You will be in my prayers.
Is there an proof of vampires?
Q: Is there any proof of vampires, to be more specific monsters that drink blood kill people for it, are immortal ,don’t age and burn in sunlight. Please don’t just answerer yes we are real or what ever what is the proof. I have heard of the sun allergies thing and that’s what is believed to started the myth but i don’t think so. How can a sickness so rare cause the to be beliefs in vampires world wide. There is beliefs in some sort of vampire in every religion. It may not be called a vampire but similar aspects.The way i would prove it if i was, i would make a video of me biting a persons arm letting blood drip into a glass cup and chug it. Show you are immortal by taking a picture of you standing next to a small tree in a public place then 10 years latter take another picture so you can see if you age and how big the tree gets, the only problem with this is that you can green screen your self in/fake it. So you would have to use the cameras that print the picture thing right after you take it. (= PS take the guy to the doctors after words.For the weird people who drink blood and say they need it because they don’t make energy or some weird thing like that, but are not immortal and wont bite someone then i don’t care your not a vampire. I just don’t classify that as being a vampire, its more along the lines of blood fetish and vampire wannabe or just crazy people that believe that they are but the only proof is they drink blood. I could drink blood, i actually do a lot but its my blood. (you know when you get a bloody nose and you tilt you head back and it drains down your throat) Bottom line is that drinking blood doesn’t make you a vampire unless blood is the only thing you eat because vampire means feeds on blood but it your not immortal then i am not asking about you.No twilight/new moon (there good movies just to unrealistic)More convincing vampires are the ones from interview with a vampire and 30 days of night.Sorry if i am coming off mean just had to get to the point and exclude the stuff im not looking for.
A: The simple answer is yes. But at the same time many of the traits you say make a person a vampire are not real. to make a long story short i would call my self a vampire, I do drink peoples blood (20 times this year) and i know many people that are the same as me.We are not goth, we do not dress in black, there are no coffins or crypts and the sun is on my right now. i am growing normally and i am of normal strength and i heal normally. we look like normal people.At the same time i have notice many things about us as a group, most of use aggressive when pervoced and i have yet to meet any in the blood(group) how does not have some fighting skill. most would live fine without blood but there is a pull to it its not life or death but a constant want.many of use are mad about recent books and movie not only because they are grossly incorrect but because they are giving use to much attention, people how do not know what they are doing are dieing. and we are be bothered by star headed fools.also we try to keep a low profile there are people how hate use, and i have heard the storys of some poor guy how had to move because of angry people. (there are literary people how spend there time looking for us and drive us away)i hope this helps.this was only a small part of the life if you want to know more email me i will be happy to answer.
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