What is transitory benign chest pain

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Transitory benign chest wall pain (TBCWP) is a common condition especially among children, adolescents or young adults. While TBCWP may be a symptom of heart disease. TBCWP is typically a sharp pain that occurs suddenly in the chest. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-transitory-benign-chest-pain ]
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How do i know if i have transitory benign chest wall pain??
i get theses pains in different areas of my chest it’s like a jolt of stabbing pain that lasts for a few seconds then disappears it happens under my breast in the middle of my chest or sometimes at the tip of my rib cage. i am a 27 year old…

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Am I allergic to MSG?
Q: Ok. As long as I can remember growing up, I used to get these (seemingly) random side pains. About a year ago, they started moving into my chest and getting a lot worse. Since then, I’ve been to a million doctors, and they’ve diagnosed me with depression, anxiety, transitory benign chest wall pain, and a bunch of other stuff. They’ve put me on multiple types of meds, none of which work. Today, while browsing the internet, I saw something about MSG allergies causing chest pain. I read more, and found it can also cause headaches, tiredness, depression, and frequent urination, all of which I also have.I don’t eat much Chinese food, which I know is usually loaded with MSG, but my family does tend to eat a lot of processed food. I’m thinking I’m probably allergic to MSG, I’m just curious what you folks think. (Please don’t just tell me to ask my doctor. I absolutely hate the man, the meds he put me on really messed up my life, and I can’t find a new doctor.)
A: Most allergic-type symptoms to MSG occur soon after ingesting it. The best way to determine if MSG is indeed the culprit, is to keep a diary for a couple of weeks. Note what you eat and what times you eat it. Then also note the times and specifics of your symptoms – a pattern may appear. Alternatively, you can trial an avoidance diet for a couple weeks to see if your symptoms improve. Do not eat anything processed, only fresh foods that you have prepared yourself – and naturally, do not add MSG to anything.
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