What Problems with oscars fish

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We would have to take a look at the fish to know what the problem is. He may have a disease. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-problems-with-oscars-fish ]
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What Problems with oscars fish
We would have to take a look at the fish to know what the problem is. He may have a disease. ChaCha!

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Fish problem? Oscar and Red devil?
Q: What type of fish will go with my Oscar and Redeveil, both are large and nasty characters.I was wondering if a Guarami would be suited or Silver sharks or the Black cat fish which have little white spots on them and are shark kind of shape-Any other fish that could suit?
A: what size tank. red devils when they are adults are very intolerant of tankmates, so your not looking good with an oscar.it really depends on your gallons, for what you have now, you should be looking at over 125 gallons for the two of your fishes.
Problems With New Oscar Fish?
Q: My mom’s boyfriend brought home a 150 gallon fish tank which had been sitting for a long time, he filled it with water, conditioned the water, but did not change out the rocks or anything else in the tank. He bought some mollies, which all died except one (all of them were sucked into the filter). I told him i liked oscars so he bought two today, and one of them is at the bottom of the tank slightly on its side, and the other is swimming very lethargically. I really like these fish and I don’t know what to do. We are beginner aquarium owners, (i dont know if we were ready for these fish) so i need to know what to do to get them healthy. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
A: They’re probably suffering from poor water quality, due to “new tank syndrome”. Read up on this:http://freshaquarium.about.com/cs/biologicalcycle/a/nitrogencycle.htmYou’ll need a test kit that tests for ammonia, nitrite, & nitrates. Preferably the liquid dropper test kit, the dipstick kinds aren’t as good. Since you already have fish in the tank, you can do 1 of 3 things. 1. Do daily partial water changes of about 25-30% to help dilute the ammonia and eventually the nitrites in the water. The fish may or may not survive this, and that’s a large tank, and lots of water to be changing out. You’ll need to do this until the tank cycles, which can average anywhere from 6-14 weeks, and usually it’ll be a bit on the longer side doing it this way.2. Buy some Prime by Seachem, and add it daily to the tank. Prime is a water dechlorinator, and it neutralizes ammonia and nitrites without removing them so the tank can still cycle, and those toxins won’t affect the fish. It dissipates after 24 hours, so that’s why it needs to be added daily. This way, you could do weekly partial water changes instead. Prime runs about 10. for the large bottle, and most pet stores should have it.3. Return the fish to the store and do a fishless cycle on the tank. You would just add a few frozen cocktail shrimp into a mesh filter media bag or pair of nylons/pantyhose, knot closed and toss in the tank to rot. Eventually that’ll produce ammonia, similar to what your fish are producing. When the tank is cycled-ammonia and nitrites fall to 0 ppm, and there’s nitrates present, remove the shrimp, do a large water change to get those nitrates under 20 ppm(where you want to keep them under), and add your fish to the tank. It’s recommended to stock the tank slowly, but if you put 2 oscars in there, you’ll want to add them together at the same time. Just monitor the ammonia and nitrites for awhile for a minor spike-which probably won’t affect them much. Some of the smaller pet stores may hold the oscars for you, especially if you bought it from them and explain what’s going on. Good luck!
fish problems please read this and help…………………?
Q: what tropical fishes can i put with 2 parrot fish n 1 oscar fish and a 2 grey shark i want them too grow big as i have a big tank how big does a parrot fish grow n were can i buy purple n pics parrot fishes?can i bug a baby arwana/Osteoglossum with these fishes?
A: I’m not sure just what size tank you have, but you’re going to need something in the 250 gallon plus range to put an Arowana in there with those other fish. Yes an Arowana would work just fine. You’re not going to get an Arowana with a yolk sac still attached so that doesn’t even factor in. If a seller is trying to sell an Arowana with the yolk sac still attached, quite simply, don’t buy from them. That is about as unethical as selling dyed fish, like the purple Parrot mentioned here. Do not buy that fish please. Buying these fish only encourages this practice even more. That parrot is going to live a shortenend life span as it is because it was dyed.This grey shark? You mean something like a bala shark perhaps? Yeah I think that you’re going to need a tank in the 200 gallons plus size range to house all this. Not only for space purposes, but also filtration as well. These fish are heavy eaters and bigger waste producers. A south american arowana would work just fine. If you are in a country that permits Asian Arowana, then that should work out as well. I personally prefer Asian Arowana only they are not permitted in the USA. South Americans however would work better with the fish you mentioned as they would thrive well in the same water parameters.
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