Why can’t Stephen hawking talk

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It’s because he has Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), or Lou Gehrig’s disease. It’s a degenerative disease. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-can%27t-stephen-hawking-talk ]
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Why can’t Stephen hawking talk
It’s because he has Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), or Lou Gehrig’s disease. It’s a degenerative disease.
How does stephen hawking talk?
Stephen Hawking talks by way of an electronic voice box, which says whatever he types on the keypad. He can still move the fingers of one hand, which he uses to talk.
How does steven hawkins talk
Stephen Hawking talk through a computer that he developed himself.

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Q: Real talk. The shit is annoying, and people need to get it together. They listen to Hip Hop (and I use the word loosely, because this southern bullshit that the radios air nowadays isn’t Hip Hop in any way, shape, or form)Anyone who claims to not like it and swears adamantly to not having listened to it for (any reason) are unqualified to make a statement against the genre. It reeks of hypocrisy.You can’t listen to ONE song on the radio, then talk like you’re an expert on anything. I read a book by Stephen Hawking the other day. Give me a PhD in Theoretical Physics, please. Lol.So what’s the problem? Am I missing something?Why do these fools have their head so far up their ass as to think that they know what they’re talking about? With their heads lodged that far, they shouldn’t even be able to hear anything, right?
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Sixth try… Gravity…?
Q: Fifth try!Newton vs Einstein F=MA universal gravity, general relativity?Explain why gravity is so unique. Hawking can’t fully explain, so let’s talk about it for fun.Previous post:NO KIDS PLEASE. DON’T THINK THAT HIGH SCHOOL ANSWERS WILL ANSWER THIS! Why is it that you have to doctor F=MA to make two objects fall, similarly, at a constant rate. If the force of gravity should affect the objects similarly, then the object with greater mass should fall slower. Sure, you can increase the mass AND increase the force to even it out, but why would the force increase automatically? Let’s hear from Stephen Hawking in “A Briefer History of Time”:”The principle of equivalence, and the above example of it, is true only if inertial mass (the mass in Newton’s second law that determines how much you accelerate in response to a force)and gravitational mass (the mass in Newton’s law of gravity that determines how much gravitational force you feel) are the same thing (see Chapter 4). That’s because if both kinds of mass are the same, then all objects in a gravitational will fall at the same rate, no matter what their mass. If this equivalence weren’t true, then under the influence of gravity, some objects would fall faster than others, which would mean you could distinguish the pull of gravity from uniform acceleration, in which everything does fall at the same rate. Einstein’s use of the equivalence of inertial and gravitational mass to derive his principle of equivalence, and eventually all of general relativity, AMOUNTS TO A RELENTLESS MARCH OF LOGICAL REASONING UNMATCHED IN THE HISTORY OF HUMAN THOUGHT.”Here’s another piece to ponder…If the force of gravity increase seemingly infinitely to make up for the mass difference, then explain terminal velocity. The mass does have an effect on the force if the wind resistance force can be balanced with the supposedly “infinite” force of gravity.If you are unfamiliar with spacetime, then don’t bother answering because the answer lies there. Hawking says so, dang it!This is in no way MY own theory that I made up. Should I not be asking a question that has never been answered? Talk about the answer, don’t dictate that you know it all. This is a quest for knowledge here. Let’s talk about spacetime and the theories previously mentioned above.Additional DetailsI am talking about an issue mentioned by one of the most brilliant men alive today. I have his book with me right now, so I hope you understand when I don’t click on your links to wikipedia.4 minutes agoWow, does anyone realize that the quote mentioned above IS in fact a quote? The British dude muttered a lot about nothing. Not about spacetime though, hmmm…Everyone keeps telling me that F=MA. Really? That’s not what this is about. No one is saying that it doesn’t. Come on now, Stephen Hawking! Give the man a chance! * 1 hour ago * – 1 week left to answer.Additional DetailsAnd by that I mean give Stephen a chance, not Stephen give me a chance. We both don’t know even though he is a genius.1 hour agoWow another guy putting words in my mouth. I say again that I never said F is not MA. Maybe try answering the question, champ? Is that what you do when you’re stumped?1 hour agoFrom my understanding, later in the book Hawking describes mass as a disturbance in spacetime. The gravitational fields are a result of the disturbance and are somewhat of an illusion. He also stated that the Earth’s path around the sun is the nearest path to straight in regards to spacetime.59 minutes agowow, the pimp hat says it all. you agree with hawking but now that you have nothing to say about him, you turn to me? why so angry? don’t understand the question? it’s ok, we’ve all been there. talk about ranting… chicken? sky falling? yea, that what we all feel3 minutes agoladies, ladies, move on! just because i gave you the thumbs down, doesn’t mean that you can’t read the book for yourself and know what i know. try again another day. rejection is a part of life.No one has even gotten close to what I am talking about. I guess I can’t explain it that well. I’ll re-write this whole thing… too much info to take in all at once.
A: <<If the force of gravity increase seemingly infinitely to make up for the mass difference, then explain terminal velocity.>>terminal velocity only occurs with an atmosphere.it has absolutely nothing to do with the difference between newtonian and “einsteinian” physics.
Let me see if I’ve got this correct about other countries gaining nuclear technology and/or weapons?
Q: You have to get the OK from NATO – i.e. predominantly our lot, those blithering idiots across the pond and the rest of NATO to be a nuclear power then do you?When China shot down their ailing satellite, then next, Iran told the world it planned to go ahead with it’s nuclear programme and just recently North Korea launched its ‘supposed’ satellite into space, I only had one thought – GOOD FOR THEM!Apparently, the squatters on the Kindergarten Colony, as did our lot – bellyached about these various occurrences and plans.Where pray, does any country/group of countries get off telling another one that does not have a nuclear capability – be it for generating power or making weapons to protect themselves – that they cannot have it?!!!First the Prophet Obama said he was going to talk to Iran and all the ‘axis of evil’ rhetoric from his predecessor Lobotomy Bush was removed and substituted with his http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ks6yT6BIAJY the ‘Norouz’ speech with its ”direct” address to the “people/leaders of The Islamic Republic of Iran” yadi yada!I can tell you, when we got to that bit, I was actually wondering if he was going to get his tongue out and say ”exactly how far would you like me to insert it up there”?Not surprisingly, for those that haven’t heard – this was the response from Iran:-Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Saturday he sees no change in U.S. policy toward Iran despite the U.S. promise of a “new beginning.”Next all the sweet talking is replaced when Prophet Obama castigates North Korea for going ahead with their much publicised launch of what was ‘supposedly’ a satellite via what the Kindergartenarians ‘reliably’ inform us was a long-range missile (only it wasn’t too long-range since most of it landed in the Pacific Ocean) – but was capable of crashing down on the ‘American Dream’!Why can’t the powers that be – be more honest – and say something along the lines -”we don’t want you to have this capability, because then you’ll be on a par with us and we’ll be forced to bloody well talk to you”?Why can’t all these damn politicians that drone on and on about their being a ‘crisis’ because certain nations want to evolve just stop treating us with contempt and say it like it is – we live in a ‘dog-eat-dog’ world and we all want to protect ourselves from the country that borders us?!!!The various political parties in the UK are in complete disarray – for those of you around the world who are not upto speed with the shenanigans that are currently besetting our latest generation of politicians – they are currently upto their eyelids in a saga of dubious expense claims. I still want to know what the two ‘pornos’ Jacqui Smith’s hubby viewed late one night that we the tax payer were expected to pay for, as I want to know if they’re worth renting or buying – afterall, if they’re good enough for the Home Secretary’s husband, then they’re good enough for me!And that bath plug she wants us to pay for – all I want to know, is will we be able get a discount if we want to buy a similar bath plug for our abodes pray tell?!!!Not only that, a top Metropolitan policeman had to resign, because he fogot you don’t leave secret papers out in view for media cameras to pick up – but then the police were never known for being Stephen Hawking material now were they?!!!And now just hot off the press there’s a new sleezy email-smear campaign going on with Chief (I don’t obey the rules of the road on my bicyle) Conservative David Cameron demanding an apology from always-sleepy looking Prime Minister Gordon Brown and he’s also recently been in trouble with none other than Mervyn Allister King – you know him over there in Mickey Mouse land don’t you? Our very own Governor of the Bank of England – well he’s been round to number 10 to give Mr. Brown a piece of his mind about the UK’s Economy – or lack of it.In other words – an actual political party with a really statesmen-like leader – at the moment I do not feel we have.And this poor bastard in the square mile on his way home from the boozer to watch the footy at home and nothing whatever to do with the G20 protest, obviously just in the wrong place at the wrong time etc.; was set upon by SS PC Plod & co-police-thugs and probably simply just died of delayed shock whilst continuing to stagger home after his beating; he was probably used to the alcohol – not so used to the combination of alcohol & a thumping with a regulation length Metropolitan Police officer’s truncheon, riot batton or whatever they call them these days & then being shoved on the floor by said police stormtrooper & all the while having nothing whatever to do with this bloody protest- Jason Bourne your time is nigh!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSLpFCNLW2gInfact did Jason Bourne have something to do with this old p i s sheads demise – did the spooks chief ”asset” think he was secretly an Islamic insurgent then or wor-orse and probably more likely a MILLWALL FAN!!!!?OR was he?Will there now be a new conspiracy theory that he may have been one of the lowlife breaking into & vandelising the RBS building?What on Earth was this man doing staggering about getting in the way of the police battering members of the public & ‘kettling’ them i.e. not allowing them to leave when they didn’t want to protest anymore – I mean the audacity of the man – what right did he have to be there staggering home to the footy anyway – did you see any identifying football scarves? No!Well then he was obviously fair game for the English & I daresay Kindergarten Colony authorities wouldn’t you say?!!!And for those of you who want to know – yes I am on medication, but I find it difficult to take the pills – have problems with the child-proof lid on top of the jar!!!Correction:- Yes Mr. Nitpicker – I spelt the word ‘forgot’ wrong – left out the ‘r’ before you tell me!!!
A: i dont know wtf your talking about and no one will read that whole long thing you wrote now stop being a old politican and just google it
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