Why is my blood yellow

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Yellow-blood Malaise was a disease that is often fatal if contracted by a Wookiee. I’d get to the hospital quickly if I were you! ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-is-my-blood-yellow ]
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Why is my blood yellow
Yellow-blood Malaise was a disease that is often fatal if contracted by a Wookiee. I’d get to the hospital quickly if I were you! ChaCha!
Why is blood plasma yellow?
it could be yellow but it depends on what plasma you mean
What Animals Have Yellow Blood and Why Is the Blood Yellow??
The other day I posted some edible fake blood recipes for Halloween, including a recipe that could be used to make any color blood that you like. I mentioned spiders (as well as horseshoe crabs and certain other arthropods) have blue blood …

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why is blood and yellow stuff coming out of my swollen gum?
A: It sounds like pus, meaning you have some kind of infection and abscess. You should go to the dentist as soon as possible – they can drain the pus and clear the infection, and remove the cause of it: for example, a wisdom tooth might be coming in, leading to pericoronitis; or you might have a periapical absess due to a decayed tooth.In the meantime, rinse after meals with warm salty water, or Chlorhexidine mouthwash (you can get it at the pharmacy, the brand name is Corsodyl).Good luck!
2 Days after i had my blood taken, why is the area very sore, and yellow and clear puss coming out?
Q: I had my blood taken the other day to have my health checked. p[the tests turned out okay].. however where they put the needle in my arm it is still very sore. it is a little line, but it still has blood coming out of it and is now has a lot of puss like stuff and is quite swollen.Is this normal? Never had Blood taken before..
A: I am a nurse and Paramedic, prior to that, 20 yrs. ago, I worked as a phlebotimist. You have an infection that needs topical and oral antibiotics. This is VERY rare and I question the setting in which your blood was draw. Ask what the office procedures are for blood drawing to keep clean area and clean needles as well as clean people working there. Another reason, also very rare, is that you had a topical skin infection that you and your provider where not aware of. This could be any thing from mildly to very serious.YOU NEED TO SEE A DR TODAY. If your family practitioner can’t see you, please go to a urgent care clinic.Tammy
Why is there yellow stuff in the tube when they draw my blood?
Q: I had to get a blood test and when they drew my blood there was about half an inch or more of yellow stuff at the bottom of the tube before the blood started coming. What is it!?
A: Depending on what tube you are refering to, it could be one of a few things:1: It could be a simple preservitive. I’m not sure of that exact chemical used, but it basically slows the breakdown of some componants in your blood.2:It could be EDTA. That is a chemical used to sequester metal ions in the blood, while decreasing their reactivity. I believe this helps in tests for iron, potassium, sodium, mag, ect…3: It could be a “serum seperator”. It basically helps to seperate the plasma (the watery part of the blood) and the rest of the material. (Red and White cells, platelets, albumin, ect)
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