2012 the Year of the American Party

Americans need a new political party, called “The American Party.” As Democrats, Republicans, Independents and Tea Party members have failed to provide Americans with solutions for debt relief, long-term unemployment, and unfair tax advantages for the rich, the shrinking middle class, illegal immigration and a myriad of other social issues, we need a change. Apparently our voices have not been heard as the constant bickering filled our media for 2011.

Our American government spent over 800 billion dollars fighting a war in Iraq; money better spent protecting our own borders and ensuring our own immigration policies are enforced. The American government continues to send foreign aid to other countries, often hostile to America. Americans have no voice here, because if Americans did, given the state of the American economy, would prefer to keep tax dollars in this country instead of wasting them by lining the pockets of corrupt politicians in other countries.

The so-called free trade agreements and tax measures voted on by our government have sent away jobs and kept corporations from being taxed in America in ways that would benefit the American economy and provide dollars for our communities. A Made in America label has become an exception, not the rule. We are in danger of our food prices increasing substantially as our grains and other foods are being bought up by countries such as China at a time when so many struggle to keep food on the table.

Wall Street has developed an insidious power over the American economy. All year we have been on an emotional rollercoaster as the market is up, is down, and in a time of economic struggle releases bonuses for executives that are often the results of corporations making huge cuts in jobs to ensure profits are high for their companies. And our government officials supported them by providing bailouts and incentives to keep pushing jobs out of American.

Meanwhile back in the rest of America, Americans struggled with foreclosures, extended unemployment, hungry families and a mood of pessimism set in. For many Americans, Christmas 2011 was a horrible memory of inability to provide their families with the smallest of Christmas comforts. Many faced a modern version of Charles Dickens’s era of poverty, hunger and despair. How it is that in a land of plenty, so many Americans went without?

Americans have been victimized by their own government officials elected to represent them. Americans need an American party willing to tackle the true American issues in an expedient manner. Americans need representation by Americans who are not rich career politicians, but by one of their own. The rich have a luxury of time, the average American doesn’t. Americans need accountability and the ability to fire any politicians who fail to serve Americans with true representation.

Americans need a leadership that will bring back basic American values such as mom and apple pie, and pride in the Made in America label. Leadership from the ranks of the average American can understand what life is like for the everyday Joe or Shirley who has a family, a home and a dream, not people who argue and bicker like children and fail to make anyone’s life better, except their own.

Americans need affordable education and not students coming out of universities with huge student loan debt and no job prospects. Americans need medical care not controlled by huge faceless insurance companies who are not interested in curing people but in bottom line profits making insurance expensive and beyond the reach of many average Americans. Americans need to provide the services needed by our elderly who put their hearts and souls into America, and not turn their backs on them in their golden years.

America needs solutions to immigration instead of increasing homeland security budgets for those parties intent on ensuring terrorism doesn’t happen again in America as in 911. Unfortunately our politicians are short-sighted because by a failure to curb illegal immigration, enforce current laws and suing states that attempt to solve illegal immigration, these terrorists can so easily slip into America. While America may be a compassionate nation, Americans learned long ago, that nothing changes unless the people push for change, and foreigners need to resolve their countries problems, not illegally immigrate here.

The list is endless, but everyone understands 2012 must be a year of change. How much longer will Americans tolerate being a voiceless majority? How long will Americans allow their dreams to be destroyed by representation that fails to represent their needs? The American Party would be the solution to this issue and unite Americans in their quest to rebuild a strong vibrant American economy and have a government once more that is “by the people and for the people.”

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