22 Women Owned Businesses Featured in Holiday Guide

4th Annual Mommy Perks Holiday Guide Features All Female-Owned Businesses

November 22, 2011 | The 4th annual Mommy Perks Holiday Guide is now live. This year’s guide features all female-owned small businesses. Mommy Perks is proud to be promoting women-in-business, moms who have taken over the finances for their homes due to spousal job loss, women who have overcome medical battles and more!

With the holidays quickly approaching, Mommy Perks owner Shara Lawrence-Weiss, is proud to announce the release of the 4th annual Holiday Guide. Working with her husband, Rick Weiss, the Holiday Guide has a fresh new look and an easy to use flip book design.

Each small business is offering a perk such as a discount, free shipping or free gift with purchase. According to Mrs. Weiss, “This year’s guide offers so many great gift giving ideas from books and jewelry to pottery, clothing, hand-made baby & toddler items, stocking stuffers, toys and more. As always, I’m doing my shopping from the Guide, as well!”

Please join us in supporting small business during this holiday season.


Mommy Perks is a reliable and trustworthy source for small business owners and parents. Mommy Perks does not strive to be a top-visited site online; our goal is to provide reliable and useful information for both parents and small business owners. Together, Rick and Shara Weiss own and run 12 family friendly websites focusing on business tips, website design and development, parenting resources, family and teacher resources, crafts, small business PR, educational material and more. Rick Weiss has been in business for more than 23 years. Shara has been in business since 2007.

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