3 Great Gift Ideas for Men

The complaint is often heard as shoppers walk into our mens gift shop that “men are so hard to buy for”. This complaint is often followed by “what do you get a guy who has everything?” Hearing these pleas for help so frequently makes one realize just how common the issue is. In these next few minutes we’ll take a look at some great gift ideas that will enable shoppers to choose gifts suitable to their man, making the shopping experience not only bearable, but enjoyable.

Stress-free shopping, particularly at Christmas when the malls are packed, is a high priority, so we’d like to offer some tips that will help shoppers have ideas before they enter the shops so they can quickly and easily find the perfect gift for him.

Before looking at the 3 great gift ideas for men, one must consider what his interests are. What does he love doing? Where does he like spending his time? What sort of a job does he have? What is he avid about? The answers to these questions will help you choose the best category below to consider when choosing presents for the one you love.

1. Outdoor Gift Ideas for Men

If your man is an outdoorsman, there’s no point buying him office accessories (though we’ll talk more about desk gadgets later!). Consider his interests – camping, being “Mr. Fix-It”, remodelling old cars, hiking, bike riding, horseback riding, gardening, building, adventure sports (including rock climbing, hang gliding, water skiing, or snow boarding). Does he need new equipment for any of these hobbies? Would he want some rustic decorations to hang in his workshop, a new beer stein for drinks while he works, home décor reminding him of his favourite activities, or gift cards to do any of these events? Put your thinking cap on and consider what might float his boat (quite literally!).

2. Office Gift Ideas for Men

Some men just are not into the outdoors and love crunching numbers and shuffling papers. Desk accessories and stationary thrill them to no end – they get excited just stepping foot in an office supply store. Well, perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration, but an office guy does like a nice desk set with his name engraved on it. Mugs with names on them, a nice engraved pen, a clock and pen holder – these all make nice executive gifts. Then there are the quirky gadgets like Plug Mugs (needing the owner’s plug in order to be able to use the mug – prevents office theft), Rubiks Cube mugs, and flying monkeys to ward off office boredom. And don’t forget the whole set of USB gadgets that can be operated through the computer – his office will never be a boring place again!

3. Sports Gift Ideas for Men

Your man may not enjoy hiking, but most men are into some form of sport – whether it be playing it or watching it in front of the television. New sports equipment, a membership with the local sports team, sports merchandise of his favourite team, and tickets to the next football match all make great gifts for the sports addict. Make a memorable day and plan a family outing to his favourite sporting event. Or purchase a tour of the local sports stadium and throw in some of his favourite merchandise with it.

These are basic ideas, but the goal is not to give a “one-size-fits-all” sort of answer. Because, in reality – one size does not fit all! But with these broad categories the aim is to get your mind whirring with the limitless possibilities of what to give your man for his birthday, Fathers Day, or Christmas.

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