3 Home Decor Projects Made From Recycled Drawers

Do you have any old furniture with wood drawers that will soon be thrown out? Recycle the drawers by turning them into functional pieces to match your home decor. You can also find drawers at yard sales and flea markets. When your done transforming the drawers, you will have a message board, bulletin board or jewelry organizer. These home decor drawer pieces will add charm to any room, and they also make great one-of-a-kind gifts.

Preparing Wood Drawers

Place the drawer on a covered work area. Remove the handle or knob from the drawer. Sand any rough edges with sandpaper. Paint or stain the sides and top of the drawer. The drawer will hang with the top, front facing up. Attach a picture hanger on each end of the back, top of the drawer. Hanging a drawer this way will give you a top shelf once it is hung on the wall.

Drawer Message Board


Sandpaper Chalkboard paint Paint brush Chalk Wood drawer


Rub sandpaper on the entire inside of the drawer. Paint chalkboard paint on the inside of the drawer. It is best to follow any special instructions that may be offered on the paint can. Let dry. Hang on the wall. You can personalize this craft piece by gluing florals or ribbon matching your decor to the top, center of the drawer before hanging. If your decor has a theme like seashells, you can incorporate that theme by gluing seashells around the front edges of the drawer.

This home decor piece is great for writing grocery lists, special appointments or homework assignments. It is also a fun way to organize special meals.

Jewelry Drawer Organizer


Wood drawer Tape measure Glue gun and glue sticks Piece of fabric (fabric measurement will depend on the size of the drawer) Scissors Cup hooks or clear tacks Pins


Measure the inside top, bottom and sides of the drawer. Add a 1/4 inch to each measurement number. These will be the measurements for the piece of fabric needed to make your jewelry organizer. Also, choose a fabric that matches the room it will be displayed in. Measure, fold down and pin a 1/4 inch border on all sides of the piece of fabric. Glue the border, then remove pins. This will give both the fabric and jewelry organizer a professional look. Wash and dry the inside of the drawer. Glue the piece of fabric with the right side facing you to the inside of the drawer. Make sure to generously glue the fabric so it stays attached to the inside of the drawer. Screw in cup hooks or clear tacks spaced according to your needs. Hang on your wall.

Hang your necklaces, rings and bracelets on the jewelry organizer. This also allows you to display your most stunning jewelry pieces. I did a jewelry organizer made from only pins that was visually stunning. Just stick the pin part through the fabric and attach.

Drawer Bulletin Board


Wood drawer Piece of cork board Crazy glue Tape measure Craft knife


Wash and dry the inside of the drawer. Measure all sides of the drawer. This will be the size of cork board needed to make your drawer bulletin board. Trace and cut the piece from the cork board. Glue to the center of the drawer.

This is a great way to keep important papers and bills organized. I also made one for my kitchen to keep my favorite recipes organized. This drawer is not only functional, but can be decorated to match your decor or theme in your home.

The decorating possibilities are endless for these functional home decor drawer projects. They will add charm and beauty to any room in your home. I also found that these drawer designs are popular sellers at craft shows.

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