3 Secrets to Getting that Perfect Haircut

Think of your hair appointment like an important business meeting. In a business meeting, you prepare your research and notes to discuss in the meeting. This should be no different when preparing for your hair appointment with your hair stylist. Prepping beforehand allows your hair stylist to spend more time crafting your perfect haircut.

That perfect haircut is easier to attain than you think. First, find the right stylist for you. Once you have a hair stylist that you like and can work with, follow these three tips to help you achieve that haircut you love.

Look for photos of haircuts you like

Just like the old cliche, pictures are worth a thousand words. It can be difficult to explain to your stylist how you’d want your hair to look like. It can be difficult for your hair stylist to understand what look you are trying to explain! Look for photos in hairstyle and celebrity gossip magazines, scour the web with online searches for hairstyles and print them out. Take pictures of someone you know with a hairstyle or cut you like. But be realistic though. Look for styles similar to your hair type and possible length. Give yourself the time to do hair photo search two weeks prior to your hair appointment.

Hair dos and hair donts

Communication is key – even with your hair stylist. When you’re sitting in that salon chair, with your hair stylist standing behind you, both of you looking at your hair in the mirror together, show your hair photos and discuss in great detail of what you’d like to have done. For instance, I show my stylist the same pictures every time I get my haircut: the “this is what I what my hair to look like” now and the “this is what I want it to look like when my hair grows out” pictures. She knows exactly the length and type of layers to tackle with my new cut. A picture will give your hair stylist the greatest clarification of the look you’re going for.

Keep an open mind

Let’s say you’ve showed your stylist your dream haircut photos, discussed the particulars on length and such, but your hair stylist doesn’t agree. Listen to your hair stylist! He or she has professional insight as to why a cut may be good or not good for you. The last thing your stylist wants to do is send you to a land of haircut remorse, and watch you undergo a breakdown because you really didn’t want your hair cut in a style that short. Just like in a marriage or relationship, a compromise between you and your hair stylist should ensue.

After doing your haircut homework, you will keep your stylist well informed to do their job well, and with the end result of a beautiful cut and style. Doing a little haircut legwork for your perfect haircut will make for a happy relationship with you and your hair stylist.

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