3 Simple Tips to Save Some Cash

The point being we all need to save some money. I am going to explain to you several of my ways for holding on to a little extra change.

For gods sake quit going out to restaurants. A poor economy is a good time to brush up on your cooking skills. How many distinct vermicelli sauces can you dish up? Five days ago I could only sautee one, as usual it came from a jar. Now I am cooking cod sauteed in tomatoes and garlic olive oil, that’s right delicious. Best part is I am saving a lot of money from purchasing and preparing my own food. An added extra, its pretty fun.

What to Shop For:
Pasta – Its cheap and can be made 1001 various ways.
Frozen Vegetables – We all wish we could get fresh fruit and vegetables but that is very expensive. Stick to the frozen veggies. Broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts all keep fairly well even if frozen. Stick to the heartier vegetables they can withstand the freezer.
Be Vegan – Ok I adore meat too but I wont eat the “grade F” meat just to save a buck. Every so often I indulge a nice filet mignon, but its mostly pasta and veggies.
Vegetarian Is Nuts – Well if you have to get your protein from an animal keep to the good cheap protein, primarily eggs.
Buy Seasonings – This is where the cooking comes in. Lots of styles of food can be had with the right spice.
You Need your fats – I prefer olive oil, its inexpensive works good for sauteeing and is a lot healthier than some salted butter. alright! I admit it, I need butter sometimes.
Avoid the meals in a bag – They are expensive and I assure you that you could make a better meal yourself.

We need to do our own research if we want to save some cash. It isn’t that hard. Do you know what Google is? Good you are already 90% closer to saving some money. this is how. Many companies have discounts that are available online. A lot of these coupons and savings are only available online, and here is why. It’s more cost effective for them to sell their merchandise online, so you receive the savings. Some websites have even been created to advertise some of the best discounts out there. So do your research, there is no telling what kind of discounts and coupons you can discover online.

Where to Find Savings:
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We need to be smart shoppers for most of our must have items too. The great thing is internet business is exploding. What this means for you is that companies have much lower expense cost and the money gets pushed on to you. Do you have an address? Ok then start purchasing more of your necessities online. You can find almost anything you need if you are familiar with how to search. All of the following can be shipped at once to your apartment.

Where to Shop Online:
Amazon – most of the time some great items to find on Amazon, many of which can’t be found anywhere else.
Ebay – The home of bargain shopping. Everyone knows eBay, if not for the idea then certainly for their catchy commercials.
Target – Rock bottom deals at the store, even more rock bottom online.
Walmart – If there was something below rock bottom this is it.
Best Buy – A bit expensive for people really strapped for cash but nonetheless if you want some new electronics this is a place to find them.

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