4 Ain’t Cool Marriage Proposals to Avoid

Proposing marriage by a guy to his girlfriend is a learned art. Marriage proposal if not done properly is not going to work. It must be done on a right mood, right place, right time, and with the right crowd. Guys don’t want to look sad and rejected when proposing marriage to their girlfriends. On the other hand, women generally don’t want to feel overwhelmed and embarrased when their boyfriends suddenly asks for their hands to marry them in front of a large crowd.

Here are some guidelines for guys to remember on when not to propose marriage to their girlfriends:

Proposal Don’t #1: Proposing some place loud, noisy and unromantic

Public proposals are fine, but try to pick a place that’s a little more personal and romantic, like a theater or a park. You definitely wouldn’t want to propose somewhere that’s loud and tacky, like a bar or a disco house, for instance.

Proposal Don’t #2: Not talking about the proposal beforehand

Most couples talk about getting married before the actual proposal, so even though the proposal itself is a surprise, the idea of getting married isn’t. Usually the girlfriend is expecting a proposal. If the girl isn’t expecting a proposal and a guy try to surprise her 100%, that would be a bad call.

Proposal Don’t #3: Don’t embarrass her

Public proposals only work for people who don’t mind being the sudden center of attention. If your girlfriend is shy or gets embarrassed easily, she probably doesn’t want to stand in the middle of a large crowd while being proposed at.

Proposal Don’t #4: Don’t embarrass him

Sure there’s nothing more embarrassing than an unwanted proposal, especially a public one, but leaving your boyfriend high and dry isn’t cool either. If you’re turning down his proposal, simply whisper in his ear, “Well talk about this later,” give him a hug and play nice in front of the crowd. You can let him have it later.

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