4 Diet Tips for Moms

The aspect I hated most about becoming a mom was the weight gain. Granted being a mom far outweighs that downside, but not being happy with the way you look is never fun. Even taking care of two gremlins the exercise component of the get-skinny-again formula wasn’t that difficult for me even if it meant I was jogging in place while washing dishes. It was the diet part that tripped me up. I’ve always loved food. If it wasn’t for the fact that I used to have an amazing metabolism, I probably would have been rather large long before having children-not that I’m huge now, just more… misshapen in an I-still-look-3-months-pregnant-and-I-gave -birth-almost-2-years-ago way. I’m still not at the weight I’d like to be, but I have caught on to a few tricks that are slowly causing the numbers on my scale to go down.

Mom diet tip one: Use your kid’s dishes.

Even if your kid is still a baby, go ahead and buy toddler dishes. You’ll use them later anyhow. These smaller plates and bowls literally don’t allow you to take a larger portion there by reducing your food intake and helping you lose weight. Try to keep in mind that your stomach is actually only about the size of your fist, (Yep, that’s not a myth) so your portions should be close to that. The smaller cups work in the same manner, and the little tiny forks and spoons force you to eat slower, which can help your tummy have time to recognize how full it is, and tell you to stop eating.

Mom diet tip two: Don’t overcook.

Chances are you can estimate about how much food your family is going to eat, do your best not to make much over that amount. If there aren’t leftovers you can’t have seconds. If you’re filling your small plate twice, it’s defeating the purpose. Plus many families find leftovers don’t get eaten, so you’ll save money with this tip as well.

Mom diet tip three: Eat with your kids.

Chances are your kids will eat lots of small meals through the day. Toddlers in particular are what are commonly referred to as grazers. Meaning they pick at food all day, but never really eat a large amount of food-unless maybe it’s cookies, in which case disregard this tip. Eating very little all day will actually slow your metabolism, and big meals bum rush it, if you are eating small quantities of healthy food periodically throughout the day you keep your metabolism going all day at a steady rate. Eating a little all day also ensures by dinner you’re not starving and are less likely to overeat. Note the word healthy in that tip. All parents on occasion let their kids indulge in cookies, candy, and other sugary goodness, try to skip out on those snacks or replace them with a healthier alternative.

Mom diet tip four: Keep water up high someplace.

The same way you provide drinks on hand for your kids so they’ll drink when they’re thirsty, keeping a cup of water or a water bottle full and someplace handy, but out of little hands reach will help you drink more water. Many moms mistake thirst for hunger and end up consuming pointless calories. Water is an entirely fat free option to feel less hungry, plus it’s really good for you.

I’m not going to claim any of the above is going to make the pounds fall off, but they do help. Also keep in mind that some women never regain their pre-baby shape due to muscular and connective tissue changes, not weight gain.

What are your mom diet tips?

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