4 Exercises for People with Asthma

Asthma can feel crippling for people who suffer from it, but it doesn’t have to keep you from getting the exercise you desire. If you have Asthma, you just need to take more precautions and you can achieve the same routines as many other people. What exercises are recommended for people with Asthma though? This article will address a few exercises that are perfectly safe for people with Asthma and how they should approach them:


Swimming is an excellent exercise with people with Asthma because of the warm environment that the pool offers you. This environment is very unlikely to stir up any of the symptoms commonly associated with Asthma. Swimming is a great exercise because of how much of your body it uses, it’s a great calorie burner.


Yoga has been seen in a positive light by many people who have Asthma because it’s an easy going exercise that makes your body feel great and incorporates many breathing techniques that are said to help people with Asthma. This doesn’t make it any less important to use your inhaler, but if it makes you feel better there is no harm in doing it in addition. Yoga also promotes good mental health, which is important for anyone.


Walking is an easy activity than almost anyone can do that is often overlooked as exercising due to how easy it is. Walking during your lunch break or taking the stairs instead of the elevator is extra exercise that is sure to make you feel better every day. Walking is perfectly fine with people with Asthma because it can be done anywhere and is not particularly strenuous when done in moderation.

Team Sports

Team sports such as football and basketball are perfectly fine for people with Asthma. They required quick bursts of energy rather than prolonged energy, which means it’s perfectly acceptable for people with Asthma. Always explain to the coach and teammates that you have Asthma and that you may need their help, and always keep an inhaler close by.

If you need further help deciding what kind of exercise is right for you or a close loved one who suffers from Asthma, please consult your doctor or fitness expert. This article covered just the base of what people with Asthma can do, don’t limit yourself to just these, but keep these particulars in mind.

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