4 Fun New Games to Play with Food and Drinks This Holiday Season

This holiday season, step away from the TV, fold up the card table and don’t be bored with board games, again. With a little creativity, you can bring the celebration into the kitchen. Here are some simple ideas to cook up a good time.

1. Take the saltine cracker challenge. No one can eat 6 saltine crackers in a minute. Everyone believes that they can eat 6 saltine crackers in a minute. Turn that bravado into a fun family contest. Participants throw in a dollar and if anyone can eat the crackers in time (remember, no liquids allowed) they claim the pot. This is an especially fun game with the teens in the family.

2. Buy a half dozen bottles of wines of varying price and quality. Cover the bottles and pour samples. Have everyone name their favorite and least favorite vintage and guess what are the most expensive and least expensive wines. Do you think the family wine snob can tell their fine French wine from their moonshine?

3. Take a cue from cooking reality TV shows and challenge your friends and family to a leftover cookoff. The winner is whoever gets to judge the competition!

4. Get several bottles of vodka and a number of small glass containers and let everyone start their own vodka infusions. Make sure you have a variety of food to work with. You can choose traditional flavors like lemons or oranges or try for something more exotic like jalapenos or even Skittles. By the time your family gathers again, the infusions should be ready to share.

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