4 Great Reasons to Buy the Clear Spot 4G Apollo Mobile Router

Staying connected in this modern connected world is very important and even if you’re away from your Wi-Fi connection at home, you’ll still want to be able to connect your Wi-Fi devices to the web. The new Clear Spot 4G Apollo mobile router is a great solution to nabbing internet on the go and boast several features that make it a must have mobile hotspot.

Connect Up to 8 Devices

Being that having internet access on the go is of utmost importance, you’ll want to be sure that your mobile router is able to connect all of your gadgets, and when it comes to connecting your mobile Wi-Fi devices to the web, the Clear Spot 4G Apollo has you covered. The Clear Spot 4G Apollo can connect up to 8 Wi-Fi devices to the web – which should be enough to handle all of your gadgets and even a few friends’ Wi-Fi devices as well. Regardless of if you’re looking to connect your laptop, netbook, tablet, mobile gaming device, eReader, or other gadget to the web, the Clear Spot 4G Apollo provides enough Wi-Fi connections to make sure that no gadget is left out.

Great Battery Life

One of the most notorious features of mobile hotspot devices is battery life and mobile routers have been known to last only several hours without needing a recharge. The Clear Spot 4G Apollo has several inbuilt features to make the most of its 2200 mAh battery (like powering off LCD after 10 seconds, etc.) and can last up to 7 hours without the needing a recharge. The Clear Spot 4G Apollo’s battery lasts several times more than the average mobile router on the market and it’s battery is one of it’s greatest perks.

Helpful LCD

The design of the Clear Spot 4G Apollo is simple and minimalistic, but it features an LCD display that displays virtually all of the information you’d want to know. The Clear Spot 4G Apollo’s LCD display shows information including the 4G internet signal strength, amount of connected devices, battery life, password protection, and 4G network speeds.


Regardless of how advanced a gadget is, usually the buying decision comes down to one simple factor; price. The Clear Spot 4G Apollo’s price is sure not to disappoint and it can be purchased for $99.00 or leased for $6.00 a month – making it a great mobile router that’s affordable on even the lowest budgets.

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