4 Reasons Channing Tatum Should Be Considered for the Sexiest Man Alive

Everyone has a different idea on what sexy is and what it encompasses. All around Channing Tatum fits the mold for the sexiest man alive. And here’s why.


The first, and probably most obvious, reason I think Channing Tatum should be considered for the sexiest man alive is his gorgeous, Greek, god-like body. It is as though his physique was molded and formed by the hands of a master sculptor. It is apparent he takes great pride in his physical appearance and ensures he remains that way. When he is without a shirt in his movies, it is a breathtaking sight, to say the least.

Sex Appeal

In all of his movies Channing Tatum definitely exudes a sensual, intense and sexual strength. Through his characters you get the very real sense that if lucky enough to be in his presence he would protect you if need be. And the raw emotion he invokes in movies like “Dear John” can make your heart ache; you can feel the overwhelming sense of vulnerability. It is this array of powerful emotion that creates a sex appeal which simply cannot be ignored.

Sense of Humor

Channing Tatum can definitely laugh at himself. When his privates were badly burnt because of a careless mishap on set during the filming of a movie, Tatum took the injury quite gracefully. In subsequent interviews he even laughed about the incident and was not embarrassed to reveal any of the gruesome details. He even told one interviewer, when asked if the person responsible for the burn had been fired, that he (Tatum) had made sure the man had not lost his job because of it.


Channing Tatum and his wife, Jenna Dewan, started their own production company where they produced a documentary that followed Rwanda’s president as well as a genocide survivor. This was done to continue to shed light on the horrific events that are still plaguing the country. And many more documentaries are said to be in the works.

Not only is Channing Tatum exciting to look at, but when combining his sex appeal, self-deprecating sense of humor and his humanitarian efforts we are left with a well-rounded human being who should certainly be considered as one of the sexiest men alive today.

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