4 Reasons Parents Will Love the Navi Kid-friendly Tablet

Tablets are the latest craze in the tech world and with children continually getting more computer savvy, there is definitely a market for kid-friendly tablets. Toys R Us are set to release the Nabi kid-friendly tablet and these are the reasons why it’s a perfect fit for parents and children alike.


Tablets are user-friendly, fun, and are an overall perfect fit for children, but they are notoriously expensive. With most tablets ranging in the $500 and upwards price point, having your children play around with your iPad, Xoom, Galaxy Tab, or other tablet is more than likely the last thing you’ll want to do. Fortunately, the Toys R Us Navi tablet provides a great kid-friendly tablet experience at a very inexpensive price of $199. The Navi costs less than half the price of the iPad and other competitors – which makes owning the Navi more than just practical; it makes it affordable.


At only $199, you’d assume that the Toys R Us skimmed on the hardware of the Navi, but surprisingly, it has really great hardware specifications. The Toys R Us Navi is a 7 inch tablet with a 533 Mhz dual-core processor, a 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera, and 4 GBs of storage space. With the internal hardware of the Navi, it is sure to be able to run the apps that kids are bound to love and provide a fun kid-friendly experience.

Great Kid-friendly Apps

When it comes to the world of tablets, hardware is important, but software may actually be a tad more important at times. The Toys R Us Navi runs on the Android platform and has total access to the Android Market. Being that the Navi is designed for child use, it’s web browser is tailored to block out explicit or adult content, has parental controls, and comes with a parent browsing experience that allows adults to browse the web in an uncensored form. In addition to providing a great [and safe] we experience, the Navi also supports popular apps like Fruit Ninja and Cut the Rope, art games, and educational games to boot.

It’s Made to Last

The price, hardware, and software of the Toys R Us’ tablet are all great, but what good is it all if it doesn’t stand the test of “kid use”. The Navi is built with added protection, has a nice 7 inch screen that fits well in a child’s hand, and has grooves built into its design to make it easier for children to hold securely. With everything that the Navi has in store it is sure to be a great slate that will please everyone in the household.

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