4 Tips to Help You Survive the First Month of College

Going to college is one of the biggest changes people go through in their life, and that first taste of total independence can often be overwhelming. With that in mind, these tips were crafted to help those new to college survive, both academically and socially:

1. Talk to everyone you can

When you walk on to a college campus for the first time, whether it is to go to your first class or to move in to your dorm room, make an effort to talk to the people you encounter. Everyone around you has most likely left a good portion of their friends behind, and everyone would not mind making some more friends. What’s more, breaking the ice early on when everybody is new is a lot easier then when different cliques star forming. So start meeting people earlier, you never know who are going to be your lifelong friends!

2. Become friends with your professors

Depending on what school you are going to, professors may either be very distant or on a very personal level with students. Regardless, a close relationship with your professor will propel you further ahead in your field of study, encourage you to get better grades, and establish connections that will open up opportunities. Start by saying a simple “Hey, how are you doing?” on the first day of class. Try to speak up in class and definitely visit the teacher during their office hours to talk or to ask questions about their lecture. While you want the professor to like you, remain genuine. Do not say things that you do not mean just because you think they will like it for you.

3. Get involved on campus

Not only will getting involved on campus be fun, joing clubs and orginizations will help you meet new people and build your resume. Graduate schools love seeing that you were the president of the program board, the rec sports coordinator, or the secretary of the economics club.

4. Sleep!

Although it may be tempting, do not stay up late at night playing games or hanging out with friends. While it is OK to do this once in a while, making a habit of it is not healthy. Also, try to get your school work done early in the day so you do not have to worry about it late at night. Getting enough sleep will boost your mood on a daily basis, and leave you ready to take on classes and other activities alertly.

Remember, that while college may be a big break from the stress of parents and high school, how you perform there will play a big part on the path you take in your life. By making new friends, staying healthy, and getting involved in your schoolwork, college should turn out to be one of the best experiences you will ever have!

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