5 Easy Ways to Help a Friend Relocate

Due to changes in economy and real estate, a lot of people are relocating. If it’s not you, it’s probably someone you know. In that case, there are simple, affordable and useful ways to help a friend settle into their new city. Here are a few examples of things even they might not have considered.

Public transportation. This varies greatly from city to city. Some have subways, light rails or a regular bus route, while others have none at all. If the person relocating is not bringing a vehicle, remind them to verify their accommodations for getting around, such as for job interviews. The bus route may not run as far as they assume.

Libraries. If the person relocating is coming from a small town to a larger city, they may not consider the library as a major resource. However, large libraries may offer free computers with Internet, activities for young children and, of course, plenty of media to help stretch the entertainment budget.

Areas of town. Large cities often have neighborhoods that are unsafe, overpriced or inconveniently located. Give the relocating person a brief overview of the best and worst areas so they can make informed decisions about where their family calls home.

Wi-Fi hotspots. Many people these days have some sort of mobile device which can connect to the Internet. The relocating person may not be able to afford home Internet service at first, so providing suggestions of where to find public networks can be a lifesaver.

Wildlife and weather. Different parts of the world have different forms of Mother Nature to cope with, so take a moment to think about how you prepare. For example, cities in dry climates may have fines against yards which are not properly watered and maintained. Other areas may have procedures for dealing with trash bins to keep out small animals. Don’t overlook snow, sandstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes or floods. These things might be part of life for you but may not be for the person relocating.

Uprooting can be both exciting and stressful. By providing simple but thoughtful information, you can help your friends or family more easily adjust to their new surroundings.

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