5 Free Black Friday Apps for the IPhone

Many shoppers around the country have circled one very important date on their calendars this year – Friday November 25th, Black Friday. Typically one of biggest shopping days of the year in the United States, some anxious customers will wait in line during the wee hours of the morning, just to be one of the first to enter a store to get some incredible bargains. But this year appears to be a little different with more companies such as Wal-Mart and Toys R Us will open on Thanksgiving evening, much to the chagrin to many employees who have to work on Black Thursday.

It’s no secret that virtually every major retailer has something big in store for the day after Thanksgiving. In fact, word got out over a week ago on what some retailers plan to sell at their stores on Black Friday. Many of us will choose to ignore all of the sales and simply stay away from the crowds. But there are millions of others who have been patiently sitting on their wallets and purses until the Thanksgiving holiday ends and the critical holiday shopping season begins, which guaranteed to be big crowds at stores and shopping malls all over the country.

If you are looking for some great sales and want the information conveniently stored on your iPhone, the following free Black Friday apps might be useful. I am not ranking these apps in any particular order but my top pick is the Apple App Store app because of the rare one-day sale of Apple products on Black Friday.

Apple App Store – Apple has announced their inclusion into Black Friday mania by offering a single day sale and for those in the know, an Apple sale is a rarity. If you are looking for the newest iPhone or iMac as a gift or for yourself, Black Friday might be the day to purchase.

Black Friday Survival Guide – What better app to have on one of the biggest shopping days of the year, than a survival guide? This handy app gives you some great top 10 lists like the best TVs on sale and the top laptop deals.

BFAds.net Black Friday – This app makes the list because they claim to be the largest Black Friday website and in a Google search, their website came up first so I have to agree. If this app is as good as its website, then it’s worth a looksee.

Amazon Mobile – Amazon says you don’t have to wait for Black Friday because they are already offering Black Friday sales on their website!

TGI Black Friday – This app already has the newest store ads so you can review them before they’re out in the newspapers. You can find virtually every retailer on this app by scrolling through the list and it’s updated constantly to offer the latest sales from retailers.

There are several other free Black Friday apps on iTunes such as Black Friday by BradsDeals, Black Friday Ads, Black Friday Fat Wallet and more. From my review of these others apps, I can’t find much discernable difference between any other Black Friday apps on iTunes. Of course you can simply ignore all of these apps but if you are looking for an extra edge in getting that must have gift, you might as well give some of them a try!

Happy Shopping!

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