5 Fun Ways to Spend Your Sunday in the Woodlands, Texas

If you find yourself in the North Houston area, you would be well served to venture into the Woodlands, Texas for 5 fun ways to spend a Sunday. Here you will find ways to spend a few hours inside or outside, with or without a family, and with or without children. The Woodlands, Texas is truly fun for all ages.

1.) Woodlands Waterway: $ – Free

One of the funnest, cheapest, and easiest ways to enjoy a Sunday in the Woodlands is to go to the Woodlands Waterway Square. Here you can enjoy a walk along the waterway, watch the fountains, ride the trolley, or even get wet at the splash pad for kids. After watching and playing, you can enjoy a delicious pizza from Grimaldi’s or be a little different and get a “Coal Burger.” Both use a coal fired oven that offers their visitors a real treat. Either way you top of your fun at the Woodlands Texas waterway, your family is sure to have generated long lasting memories.

2.) Bouncin’ Bears: $5 – 18months to 6yrs.; $8 – 7yrs +

For days when it’s too hot, too cold, or you simply need to bounce off some energy, parents can take their small children to Bouncin’ Bears. Here your children wear socks, and have a variety of fun play areas that they can bounce to their hearts content. You’ll find everything from simple bouncing inflatable’s to more advanced obstacle course inflatable’s all under one roof! Your children will be tired after bouncing all over. Be sure you come knowing the following: Check before you go on Sunday’s as they are closed if there is a reserved party, adults and children must have socks, and No outside food or drinks.

3.) Shankz Black light Miniature Golf: $ 7.50 for kids, 8.50 for adults

For the miniature golfer in your life, Shankz Black Light putt-putt golfing will be a blast. Located in the Woodlands, Texas off of HWY. 242, you can putt-putt in the unique environment of black lights. Shine in a way you haven’t shined before!

4.) Spring Creek Natural Area: $ – Free

At the Spring Creek Natural area in the Woodlands, Texas, you will have an amazing time getting in touch with nature. Here you’ll see abundant wildlife, the creek, and lots of vegetation. Enjoy the scenes while hiking, take photo’s and enjoy nature to its fullest in relative privacy as this location is not as popular as other green spaces.

5.) Visit a place of worship: $ – Free

Visiting a place of worship in the Woodlands, Texas can have a lasting impact on your family. What better way to recuperate from a long work week or busy weekend? By attending a worship service your entire family can likely find something to all relate too as most have Bible classes for children and adults of all ages.

There are countless things to do in the Woodlands, Texas that fits a variety of budgets. It is obvious that no matter where you are in life, there is a way for you to have a good time. Five ideas appear on this list as a fun and easy way to spend a Sunday together as a family. You’ll be glad you did.

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