5 Little Snowflakes

One little snowflake up in the sky,
(Hold one finger up in the air)

Glitters and shimmers as it falls by.
(wiggle your finger and bring it down)

Two little snowflakes float down,
(two fingers up in the air)

Before they know it they are on the ground.
(wave fingers around as they come down)

Three little snowflakes fall so fast.
(hold up three fingers and bring them down fast)

Brrrr! It’s cold outside I am sure they will last.
(hug yourself and rub your arms)

Four little snowflakes are so proud to fall,
(Hold up 4 fingers)

Each is unique, different them all.
(stand/sit up really straight)

Five little snowflakes twist and turn all around,
(put all five fingers up and turn your hand around)

So many snowflakes cover the ground.
(fall to the ground)

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