5 Memorable Marriage Proposals

One of the most important questions in a man’s life is “How am I going to propose to the person I love?” Men agonize over the answer. It has to be romantic. It has to convey our feelings. Most of all, it has to be memorable enough that our spouses brag about it to their friends for years. Most of us will never create situations as amazing as the men below, but we tip our hats to them in awe.

What do you do when you love someone more than anything, and she’s a professional woman? Most guys would not bring the ring to her workplace and interrupt her during the work day. This man did. Since his intended is a forecaster on The Weather Channel the whole thing was caught on television. He took the risk and asked her during a live broadcast. See the simple emotion and tenderness between these two people who obviously share a true and simple love here.

Maybe you aren’t dating a television personality. This man went for pure drama instead. He’s not famous and may not have big media connections. What he does have is a giant air bag and more guts than any human being has a right to possess. See his leap of faith and the happy results here.

All men have a talent. This man’s talent is dance, and he is lucky enough to have access to an entire dance company. When you add music and change the setting to Disney World you can create a proposal everyone involved will remember forever. His great accomplishment was that his girlfriend had no idea she was watching a proposal in action till he rushed forward to join the flash mob. Feel the music of love here.

If movies are more your style you might try incorporating them into your marriage proposal. To pull this off you need three things: A great proposal, some help with video, and a cooperative local movie theater willing to help you. In this case, “help you” means “put your proposal video on the big screen as a movie trailer in the theater your girlfriend is visiting to watch a movie.” You can see the trailer, and the girl’s reaction, here.

As in the tale Cyrano de Bergerac some guys just need a little help with the message. While Cyrano helped a friend write love letters, this man took things a step further. He wanted a spokesman to deliver the proposal. The man he picked for the job is Isaiah Mustafa.

Mustafa is best known as the well-built, deep voiced lead character in a series of Old Spice ads who uttered the now-iconic phrase “I’m on a horse”. A tweet to Old Spice with the request and the actor sprang into action. Mustafa stripped to the waist in front of the camera and delivered the proposal message in the same style as the advertisements. In the ads he says you may not be able to look like him, but you can smell like him. In this one case, your marriage proposal can sound like him.

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