5 Minute Makeup Tricks Get You Holiday Ready in a Flash

The most wonderful time of year has many of us rushing about with very little time for us to put our game face on. That’s fine, as long as you know these makeup tricks that can take you from ho-hum to glam in just five minutes.

Prime the Canvas

Start the glam makeup look by priming the facial canvas with a thorough washing and moisturizing. Cold outdoor air and heated indoor air dries skin and can leave facial skin looking flaky and dull, so to keep skin radiant and moisturized, never skip the skin priming step.

Frame the Eyes

Use a lash curler for three seconds on each eyelash to create a lasting curl, then add a thick layer of black mascara to both top and bottom lashes. This will frame the eyes and draw attention to this facial feature. Use one of the new non-clumping, volumizing and lengthening mascaras that can work it’s magic with just one coat of the product.

Add Eye Color

Go for a bold, shiney eye color for a glamorous WOW factor and festive Holiday look. Sweep a bold eye color from the lash line to the eye lid crease, then top with an application of eyeliner. For a really bold Holiday look, sweep a bold, glittery eye color across the eye lid and up at the outer corners of each eye. Apply the eye color under each eye as well.

Get Glowing

Give your cheeks a natural glow with a creamy blush instead of a powder. Cream look more natural on the skin and provides a glow that powder blush can’t. To apply cream blush, smile, then use fingertip to dot the blush onto the apples of your cheeks and blend in with your thumb, using a quick upward sweeping motion.

Pretty Pout

Create a luscious and pretty pout that will last by first applying a layer of moisturizing lip balm to lips. Choose a red lipstick and pencil for a festive Holiday color, then outline lips with the red lip pencil and fill in with lipstick. Top off with a clear gloss lip coat fr a lasting shine.

Last Second Powdering

In the last seconds of the five minute makeup routine, apply a light dusting of mineral powder to shine-proof your face and cover imperfections. Load makeup brush with loose mineral powder, tap brush to dust off excess powder then quickly brush powder onto T-zone.

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