5 Must-Have Fall Trends in Plus Sizes

As the weather grows cooler, why not splurge on one of the must-have fall trends? If you’re wondering where to find these red-hot styles in plus sizes, look no further! The following five looks are especially flattering on a curvy figure, and each section includes recommendations on how to wear–and where to buy–these popular looks.

Cloaks, Capes and Ponchos – For fall 2011, trendy ladies seeking an extra layer of clothing on chilly evenings can choose between a cloak, cape or a Retro-inspired poncho. These types of garments can be challenging for a curvy figure, so you want to be careful to choose an item which doesn’t lend extra bulk or disguise your shape. Look for garments which have finely tailored lines, which serve as a built-in guide for how the fabric will lay when worn. Avoid cloaks or capes which end at your waist, especially if that’s where you carry extra inches. Off-set zippers, wide collars and neutral colors are a great ways to wear this great fall look without making your figure appear bulky. You can find lots of examples in the poncho section of Yahoo! Shopping.

Open-Front and “Drape” Cardigans – One of the best things about the “drape” cardigan is that the open, free-flowing design creates a vertical focal point which is both slimming and flirty. The lack of button-up closures or hooks across the bust and waist means that this style shifts naturally with your movements. This style doesn’t add extra bulky layers and can be embellished with ruffle edges, ribbed trim, or the increasingly popular “drape” effect, which uses layers of fabric to further draw the eye vertically while lending extra oomph to your attire. Many stores listed with Yahoo! Shopping have a good variety of open-front and “drape” cardigans available online, many of which are offered in neutral tones and numerous fabrics.

Wide-Leg Pants and Trousers For ladies who are curvy, especially those who consider their figure to be boyish or pear-shaped, the inclusion of wide-leg trousers to the hottest fall trends list is cause to celebrate. This style, especially when you select darker colors or elongating pinstripe patterns, balances out a full-figure silhouette without disguising your delicious curves. Take care not to select garments that are too baggy, thus adding unnecessary bulk or making thighs, calves and even hips appear bigger. You want a pair of wide-leg trousers which sits comfortably in the crotch, and is more snug than loose through your thighs down to your knees or upper calves. Solid, dark colors will camouflage wider hips, whereas khaki, grey and similar hues can balance-out a top-heavy figure. Plenty of garments from popular chains, such as Lane Bryant, Avenue and Jessica London are listed here on Yahoo! Shopping.

Riding Boots – This flirty, fun style certainly isn’t limited to equestrians this fall. Whether you choose to go with a sleek, black leather boots or a design full of buckle embellishments, be sure to wear your favorite pair over jeans and pants rather than under–that way, the boots won’t add extra bulk to your calves. Ladies with thinner legs and calves should consider sleek, slim-fitting choices; curvy gals who want to disguise a few extra inches should stick with looser, even “scrunchy” options. Riding boots should be worn just below the knee for an optimal leg-lengthening effect. Fortunately, many retailers now offer wide widths, especially in boot styles. Need some inspiration? Cruise the recommendations from Yahoo! Shopping.

A Red Sweater – Want to look stylish and trendy for fall 2011? Then it’s time to grab a new sweater in a vibrant, red-hot hue. Red has been all over the fall runway, in everything from sweaters, to jackets, to shoes and purses. For many plus-size ladies, red can be a daunting hue-it does draw attention, and not every red garment makes it easy to disguise extra inches. Since sweaters are a go-to garment for fall, and are great for layering with other trends, a red sweater is a perfect way to indulge in this hot style with a piece of clothing you can either dress-up with heels and a skirt, or wear casually with jeans and riding boots. Chunky knit sweaters are also gaining popularity this autumn, so why not combine the two for something truly eye-catching? Take a look at over two hundred options here at Yahoo! Shopping.

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