5 New Documentaries About the Art of Filmmaking

The FreeStyle Life brings you five excellent documentaries that go behind the art of filmmaking.

Cameraman: The Life and Work of Jack Cardiff
Documentary examining the extraordinary career of Jack Cardiff, considered the greatest cinematographer of all time. Known for such classics as The Red Shoes, Rambo, The African Queen, The Dogs of War, Black Narcissus, War and Peace, and Sons and Lovers, in 2001, he became the first Director of Photography to receive an honorary Oscar. Featuring interviews with Kirk Douglas, Martin Scorsese, Lauren Bacall, and Charlton Heston.

Corman’s World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel
Fascinating portrait of independent film icon and B-movie King, director Roger Corman. Alex Stapleton’s comprehensive documentary examines Corman’s legendary and prolific career which produced over 300 films and launched the careers of some of Hollywood’s greatest talents. Featuring interviews with a veritable Who’s Who of Hollywood including Robert De Niro, Quentin Tarantino, Jack Nicholson, Martin Scorcese, Ron Howard, Peter Bogdanovich, Jonathan Demme, Peter Fonda, Pam Grier and Eli Roth.

Reel Injun
Documentary about the evolution in depiction of Native Americans in film, from the silent era to present day. Featuring interviews from Burt Reynolds, Adam Beach, Clint Eastwood, and Jim Jarmusch.

Great Directors
Documentary exploring the creative personalities behind the camera. Great Directors examines the filmmakers’ artistic evolution and personal identity, the role of politics and history on their work, and the agony and dilemmas in the creative process. The film also addresses the challenges of being an artist in an age of commercialism and globalization. Featuring interviews from 10 of the world’s greatest living directors, including Bernardo Bertolucci, Catherine Breillat, Liliana Cavani, Stephen Frears, Todd Haynes, Richard Linklater, Ken Loach, David Lynch, John Sayles, and Agnes Varda.

American Grindhouse
Documentary examining the origins and evolution of American Exploitation Film.

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