5 Personal Health Goals for the New Year

Things you need to know: I enjoy chocolate, wine, chips, spaghetti-o’s and taco dip. A lot. In December, these things begin to catch up with me, or gang up on me, I should say. It seems no amount of jogging can expel the additional poundage that came to rest on my stomach, and thus, I do not jog. This New Year, however, I plan to change. I say it every year. My New Years resolutions don’t just include physical health goals, but also general well-being goals. Whether or not I will accomplish these goals is another story.

1. Shapely Arms
This health goal has been on my list since my college days. My overall physical health is good, but my arms are pitiful. Always been on the weak side. Since I tend to move a lot I feel that strong arms would be greatly beneficial. I’m going to stick with the 100 push-up program until I can do 100. I will also try various exercised on the fitness ball. I’m not one for weights.

2. Banish the Beer Belly
I need to do something about this, and fast. I’m planning a trip to Panama in March and don’t want to wear my unflattering one-piece. Worse, I don’t want to scare beach-goers in my 2-piece. I’m going to start going to Pilates classes 3 times a week for a few months to accomplish this.

3. Cut Back on Processed Sugar
I’m going to try and consume only 20 grams of sugar a day. This is pure torture for me. I’m a candy bar kind of girl. It just seems my body doesn’t process sugar as well as say, sodium. So I’m going to cut back and see what happens. How will I do this? Stop buying candy bars from the vending machine at work.

4. Floss
I’ll admit it – I don’t floss. Maybe once a month, but I’m guessing that’s not acceptable. I don’t want to have fake teeth later in life, so I really should make more of an effort. Will try and start flossing once per week and gradually increase until it’s second nature. Just like tying my shoes.

5. Positive Attitude
I am a pessimist. It’s true. Negative words are always spewing out of me. It’s horrible! I want to have positive thoughts, because there are always studies about how the power of positive thinking is just so beneficial in so many ways. This is going to be tough, but I’m going to make a list of positive things to say to myself every morning and night. I’m also thinking of taking a meditation class.

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