A Drop in the Bucket

The tilt of the earth is 23.5′, a delicate balancing act, spinning on an axis. A temperamental spin greatly responsible for all life on the planet, changes in seasons and now some scientist believe climate changes due to water table imbalances. Flowing water is like blood flow in the body, if it stops, so do we…

The Dead Sea is earth’s lowest point, all minerals and salt gather there making the water un-inhabitable for marine life, but humans flock to it for all its medicinal remedies and today was just a routine day.
Jessica was taking a leisurely float in the highly dense waters, rejuvenating both her body and mind. She worked a very stressful career and these vacations were a savior. Suddenly, and abruptly the whole ocean violently began tossing her to and fro, like a really bad water bed. Jessica had a real fear of drowning and the Dead Sea was the only water she felt safe in, Oh my God, Oh my God she yelled out in desperation, each yell and gasp her lungs would fill with the thick heavy Dead Sea water.

The sea had some how come to life. Jessica was still not sinking, there was mass confusion, hysterical panic enveloped the entire beach front, people were falling, craters were forming extending the length of the beach line. Water began pouring down into the now large open crevices and Jessica could see people being sucked into them, she began feeling herself rapidly streaming towards the same craters. The panic was overwhelming, but just as soon as it had begun, it was over. She began using her hands to frantically paddle her way back to shore, the only thing on her mind was to make it back to shore and out of the water. Solid ground no matter how wrecked it was. Jessica didn’t realize just how far out to sea she was in all the mania she had lost track. The shore line was barely visible, but she wasn’t sinking in the water so she paddled as fast and furious as she could.

The shoreline became closer and she could make out people scrambling around on it. She could see emergency personnel arriving, a feeling of calm began to soothe her as she realized one of the emergency members seemingly pointing to her, beckoning her towards to shore.. She could hear their voices, they had noticed her and were calling to her, one of them had a raft heading to her, rescuing others along the way. Jessica felt strange, the once warm waters, was now turning cold, she began shivering and started feeling less buoyant her feet began to sink beneath the crater, real fear overcame her now It was as if half of her body was sinking and the other remained buoyant.

The closer she got to shore the more her whole body began sinking all around her she could hear the screams of drowning people.

She was now one of them, Just as her head sank below the water a hand reached in and plucked her from the crater and into the boat. She was saved. As soon as she caught her breath, her first words to her savior, “what happened?” He answered back.” it seems the whole planet has gone topsy turvy! Reports were coming in from everywhere of horrible catastrophes, of whole cities collapsing, into the ground, Empire State Building size waves crashing to shore, tornado and hurricane winds well exceeding top speeds, and just as abruptly ferocious as it began, it became abruptly and eerily calm. Early morning became afternoon and early evening became midnight. It wasn’t long before it was concluded that the Earth’s axis had shifted, satellite images would confirm it.

This was a scenario no one in the scientific community had done much research on. The earth was still spinning albeit on a 0* axis. Nothing had changed, short of the devastation to cities, villages and communities, everything seemed normal, no country was left untouched in the disaster, all reached out to one another and helped how best they could, but one thing different went by unnoticed.

Several days passed by, before some did take notice, rivers had stopped flowing, water had begun to pool, becoming stagnant first noticed in the Nile river basin and then the Amazon, all rivers had seemed to stop flowing. Hydro-electric plants stopped, electricity to many cities began failing and the water pumps supplying home water stopped pumping, sewage unable to naturally flow to sewage treatment plants, began backing up into residential homes and businesses . Was this how the world would come to an end. Drowned in sewage.

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