A Family Vacation to Croatia

Education, Adventure abd Fun

In an article entitled “Trips to Help Shape the World,” the New York Times reported that Croatia is an ideal vacation destination for the modern family. Families are seeking vacations with deeper meanings than just water slides, sand castles or costumed cartoon characters. Parents want a more profound experience for their children, whether it is through volunteerism, environmentally friendly getaways, active adventures or educational activities.

The article points out that many families are using vacations as a time to “bond as a family in a more life-altering way.” They want to make lasting memories while enriching the lives of their children. A family vacation to Croatia offers educational value as well as the adventure that many people crave.

The historic relevance of the country is abundant. Sites that are popular educational stops for families include:

The Amphitheater in Pula: The Roman ruins are in exceptional condition for their age. If visiting during summer months, take the kids to an open-air performance.

Rovinj: This beautiful town in Istria has steep streets that weave among the pastel homes, and from the center rises a Venetian bell tower. Visit the Heritage Museum, the Aquarium, the art galleries on Grisia Street and the historic town square of Trg Marsala Tita.

Dubrovnik: This walled city has white marble streets and Renaissance architecture and art.

Plitvice Lakes National Park: The National Park has striking waterfalls, bubbling streams and 16 clear lakes make it the perfect place to practice nature photography with your family.

Diocletian’s Palace: A city within a city, this World Heritage Site is in Split.

Euphrasian Basilica: Examine the finest examples of Byzantine mosaics that are still intact at this 6th century basilica in Porec.

Zagreb: The medieval quarter is well worth the visit.

Yet Croatia is more than just a fascinating, interactive history book. It is an action-packed adventure as well. A family vacation to Croatia may include a yacht charter on the picturesque sea to visit many of the islands and islets that dot the coastline. Active families enjoy the village of Makarska, which sits at the base of Biokovo mountain. Choose from guided tours, trips in jeeps up the mountain, hiking the rugged terrain, or climbing the mountain itself. There are trails and activities for all age levels as well as breathtaking pebble beaches for relaxation at the end of the day. Fit families also participate in bicycling, diving, kayaking, rafting and windsurfing. On a vacation to Croatia, your family will learn, live and love.

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