A Glimmering Shamrock

My very first visit to Shamrocks occurred when I was hired at a neighboring bank which was nearby by the old-fashioned Irish pub. At the time I couldn’t absorb the environment very well because my new boss was busy detailing my job and the responsibilities entitled with it. After leaving the place after our short luncheon where I was slightly too nervous to consume my whole sandwich or water even, I knew that I had to come back to Shamrocks. My next visit was with my girlfriend because I wanted to impress her with my cultural find next to my work place. Shamrocks appeals to not just the masculine but the feminine opinion as well. She too enjoyed the old stone above the bar decorated with orange stained glass, along with the mural on the opposite wall capturing a roaring fire and old irish fiddler. There is even a black light that hangs above the wall sized painting that illuminates hidden banshee’s and phantoms. The old hardwood floors and presence of green nearly everywhere make you feel like you had roamed into an old Irish hangout somewhere in Dublin. The staff is friendly, courteous and more than happy to talk about the in’s and out’s of the neighborhood. Truly a magical and warming atmosphere in West St. Paul.

Shamrocks is a family owned business shared by two irish families from St. Paul. Ted Casper and Michael Runyon own and operator Shamrocks along with the Nook another neighborhood pub that offers the same delicacies. It’s not just that atmosphere that really draws you into but also the fantastic food. Shamrocks has a wide array of excellent food including Leprechaun Legs (which are actually deep-fried green beans), award-winning wings, and fantastic soups specifically the chicken dumpling. Shamrocks real specialty remains in their most basic gourmet, their burgers. Shamrocks has easily the best burgers in the state of Minnesota without a doubt, specifically their Juicy Lucy’s to which they have created small unique variety to serve. From your standard oozing American Juicy Lucy cheese to spicy red pepper cheese Shamrocks features a whole galaxy of hamburgers to pick from. Whatever evolved hamburger taste you may have acquired through the years, it’s easily satisfied with a daily trip to Shamrocks. Beyond their hamburgers glory however is easily their fries which are dark and hand cut into crispy yet soft flakes of goodness. Usually I cannot get enough of these fries and will continue to eat in an unstoppable display of greasy greed. Overall the food just isn’t your typical pub fair, but a sumptuous menu of unstoppable proportions and flavors.

Shamrocks is a busy place however so if you’re going to walk through those hallowed doors be ready for a bit of a wait if you’re there on happening night. There is plenty of standing space and always a friendly bartender ready to slide a frosty Guinness down the bar to your open hand. Furthermore if I were going to check out any place filtering my way through the midwest or the Twin Cities I would check out Shamrocks over on West 7th in West St. Paul. There you will find all the typical great things about your favorite Irish pub with more flavor, atmosphere, and friendliness. I highly recommend it.

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