A Hard Look at the Jacksonville Jaguars as They Go into a Bye Week at 2-6

This week fans and the coaches as well as the owner Wayne Weaver have to be scratching their heads wondering what the heck they have to do to turn this team around. Today’s game in Texas proved only one thing you can have an awesome defense but if you have no offense you cannot win a game.

Ever since the second half of the Steelers game in week 7 the Jaguar defense is looking remarkable.

Whatever adjustments and changes the defense made is working. This week the defense did another outstanding job in Texas. The Jaguars defense only allowed a 8o yard drive in the first quarter but after that they settled in and gave the powerful Texas offense a run for the money the entire game.

In the first quarter of the game there was a scary moment in the game when Blaine Gabbert got hurt and Luke McCown had to come into the game for a few plays. Than one question was asked:

What would happen if both quarterbacks got injured and could not play?

I hope the Jaguars never have to answer this question but the Jaguars do not have a third quarterback on the roster so I am not sure what the plan would be. This may be a good question for Jack Del Rio!

Watching the game I started to think: How much can the defense hold up and are the Jaguars going to wear the defensive unit out relying on them so much?

I think the outcome of the Texans game showed me the answer so what do the Jaguars need to fix?

Well let’s build the team around the defense at the moment because face it the offense stinks!

Building a defensive team means field position and relying on the defense to create turn overs.

We see that the defense is ready for this task and have proven themselves as force to reckon with in the NFL.

So the Jaguars really need to focus on Offense and these are the areas I see they need work on:


There have been over 20 dropped balls by the receivers on the Jaguars team including:

Marcedes Lewis, Mike Simms Walker, Mike Thomas, and Jones- Drew.

To top that off Drew has fumbled the ball four times in the last three games.

Face it connections on passing adds a whole new twist to this team.


In the Steelers game the team had a chance to score and tie the game on 4th down and 6. Orginaly they had planned to go for it, but than a time out and Scobee Field goal followed. They lost the game.

Today against the Texans a decision to re-kick the ball and not take a penalty gave the Texans the ball in better field position.

There have been other play calling decisions as well that in my opinion have been questionable as well.

Maybe the Jaguars should take a page out of Blain Gabberts college days and try to run plays he is used to. The team on offense is very predictable. Most of the opponents of the Jaguars are ready for Jones Drew! You have to be able to mix it up. The offense needs better play calling is the bottom line!

Running the BALL out of the END Zone:

Somebody needs to talk to Deji Karim about running the ball out of the End Zone on kick returns. When the Jaguars are put with-in the 15 yard line with a rookie quarterback they have less success driving down the field than taking a touch back and starting from the 20 yard line. Many games I have seen the Jaguars put themselves in a position of starting the drive to close to the end Zone. There have been 2 times Gabbert and McCown where both sacked for safety because of this reason. I love the run back and would love to see Deji run one back to the end zone but you have to think about the fact Gabbert does not do as well when his is pinned deep in his own territory.


This game was a lot better but the last two games Gabbert was sacked nearly 9 times. Gabbert needs time for connections or use a lot of options leaving Jones-Drew or Deji Karim in the back field to help the young quarterback avoid sacks.


The Jaguars have made critical errors in penalties in several games including today against the Texans.

My thoughts for the next eight games:

Coming off of this game the Jaguars have made it nearly impossible for a playoff run or have a shot to win the division. They would have to win 6 out of the 8 games left to end the season 8-8. I was hoping they would be 3-5 at the bye week. In the start of the year I predicted 9-7 season but that was before the whole quarterback issue. They better start asking for that Christmas miracle at this point!

The Jaguars come off the bye week and head to the Colts. The Colts are a mess and if the Jaguars defense can come back from the bye week in the same form they should win this game.

I would also predict a victory over the Browns if the Jaguars defense hold out.

Then comes three weeks at home with Chargers, Texans, Buccaneers.
All tough games.
The Jaguars have always had issues with the Chargers.
The Texans will be looking to close out the Division with a win, and then the Buccaneers will be looking to take a pounding to the Jaguars.

The Jaguars get two of the games on the road against the Falcons and Titans.

Than the Jaguars come back home against the Colts for the final game of the year!

My prediction for the next 8 games : 4 Wins and 4 losses

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