A Heartwarming Tale of Dog Freedom

I have to admit, I am often overwhelmed by stories of people and animals being held in captivity against their will.

When I came across the footage of the recently rescued beagles that had spent their entire lives in cages in a research facility, I was overcome by tears as they took their first steps on grass. The dogs were recently freed from a lab in Spain.

You can watch the trailer here.

Animal Rescue Media Education (ARME) is the force behind freeing the beagles. The Beagle Freedom Project states that “with time, patience, play, companionship, love – and most of all, freedom – these dogs will learn how to become dogs, and their transformation will be amazing.”

According to the Time Magazine report, “ARME’s Beagle Freedom Project spokesman Gary Smith stated that the beagles, all between ages 4 and 7, had lived in cages their entire lives.”

If you watch the video, you will notice that the beagles first steps outside the cage are gingerly taken and the dogs appear to be afraid to leave the confines of the cages behind. Suddenly free, it is almost overwhelming to see their expressions of fear and apprehension. The wide-eyed dogs take small steps and sniff each other for the first time ever after what has been a lifetime behind bars.

Beagle Freedom Project is a service of Animal Rescue, Media & Education (ARME). Founded in 2004, ARME is a nonprofit advocacy group created to eliminate the suffering of all animals through rescue, public education and outreach. ARME has found homes for thousands of homeless and abandoned animals.

If you are interested in adopting any of these special beagles, you can email them at:

[email protected].

If you cannot adopt, but would like to help, ARME is a non-profit organization and relies on your donations to continue this work.


Tearjerker Alert: Former Lab Beagles See the Sun for the First Time


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