A Lion in the Bears Den: Week 8

I’m at the halfway point of the season and as to be expected with such a long season my health is starting to suffer. I’ve been questionable all week with a cold, but at game time I’m going to give it a go!


Tim Tebow: “Suuuuuuuh better watch out!” I’m the coolest!!!

“It must be hard to go to work and have big men grabbing your feet” – My girlfriend while watching football this week… I’m not going to say that she isn’t a natural football analyst.

I don’t want to watch the Go Daddy commercials anymore. We know those girls don’t get naked and since when is a naked girl even a big deal? The internet has changed things people…

Tonight on 60 minutes Bernie Madoff’s wife talks about the tragic events in her life. It’s not a tragedy when a mega rich person loses their money, it is entertaining, it is funny, but learning to make Mac and Cheese is not that big of deal.

Why don’t the Buffalo Bills call themselves the Toronto Maple Leafs when they play in Canada?

I once pretended to be a British tourist to get a free bus ride from the airport….

If you had bet just five dollars on the Rams to beat the Saints you’d still be an idiot…

What a great week 8! I’m sure they’ll be talking about it on ESPN all week, or until week 9. Whichever comes first…

(When I save enough I buy the team and lead them to the Promised Land.)

Last week: $11.42
This week: $0.56

Goal to win a Super Bowl for the Detroit Lions or no goal to win a Super Bowl for the Detroit Lions, you gotta eat…


MIA 17 @ NYG 20
The Miami Dolphins keep losing close games and I like it.

DET 45 @ DEN 10
The Lions D Line is a tough draw for your second start Tim Tebow. Maybe I shouldn’t have traded for you in fantasy football. At least I didn’t start you. Are you really reading this? If not, I feel silly.

WASH 0 @ BUF 23
Step it up Redskins, Canada deserves better…

NE 17 @ PITT 25
Hey Tom Brady! Nice 4th quarter comeback, no 4th quarter comeback…

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